Undergraduate Admissions

Davis College of Business & Technology - Learn From Experience

Video Transcript


How the professors treat you, how they talk to you, the experience they have, they need to have 15 to 20 years of experience just to teach. You're not going to learn from a book, like this big, you are going to learn from their experience, and I think that's the coolest thing you can do.

Admission to Jacksonville University

Students must seek and gain admission to Jacksonville University to be eligible for admission to the Davis College of Business & Technology. The admission procedure for the Davis College of Business & Technology is separate from the admission procedure for the University.

Apply Online

Paper applications are also available from the Office of Admissions in the Howard Administration Building. These applications must be returned to:

Office of Admission, Jacksonville University
2800 University Boulevard North
Jacksonville, Florida 32211-3396


Admission to Davis College of Business & Technology


  • Entering students may declare business or aviation as a ​major. Many entering freshmen will declare a major of pre-business until they reach sophomore status.
  • Students must earn and maintain a GPA of 2.5 to declare and remain a major in the Davis College of Business & Technology.
    • If a student's GPA drops below 2.5, they will be placed on probation for one (1) semester. If they fail to achieve a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 after one (1) semester of probation, that student will be required to change to a major outside of DCOB. They may, however, apply for readmission to DCOB if they subsequently achieve a GPA of 2.5 again.

Admission Process

Applicants to DCOB must:​

  • Gain admission to Jacksonville University.
  • Submit a separate application for admission to the Davis College of Business & Technology.​