MBA Concentration in Accounting & Finance

​Whether you are wanting to strengthen your understanding of accounting practices, studying for the CPA exam, managing financial portfolios or funding a new venture, this concentration is meant to strengthen financial understanding and decision making.

Students will choose three (3) courses in which to concentrate in Accounting & Finance. Courses are offered once per year, so contact the MBA office for projected course offerings. Students studying the General MBA can take one of the courses for their elective credit, but must satisfy pre-requisites.

Curriculum, MBA Concentration in Accounting & Finance
​Code ​Course ​Credit
​ACCT 620​ Advanced Managerial Accounting 3
​ACCT 630 Advanced Tax Accounting 3
​ACCT/FIN 640 Analyzing Financial Performance 3
​ACCT/FIN 650 Advanced Managerial Accounting & Financial Modeling 3
​ACCT/FIN 680 Financial Decision-Making 3
​FIN 610 Practicum in Portfolio Management 3
​FIN 620 Financing New Ventures 2

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