For five days of training at the beginning of each school year, incoming freshmen midshipmen attend New Student Orientation (NSO) where they are introduced to the protocols and standards of the Naval ROTC Program. NSO is not a military boot camp. It is a short training period in which students complete administrative in-processing, receive uniforms, and attend periods of instruction that assist them in their transition into the Naval ROTC Program.

Where will this take place?

Training is conducted on Jacksonville University Campus.

What will take place?
  • Administrative In-Processing
  • Uniform Issue
  • Classes (History, Customs & Courtesies, Rules & Regulations)
  • Conduct organized physical fitness training, and learn a military way of life
  1. Scholarship Contract (PDF, REVIEW ONLY)
  2. Acceptance and Oath (PDF, REVIEW ONLY)
  3. Honor Code (PDF, REVIEW ONLY)
  4. Drug and Alcohol (PDF, REVIEW ONLY)
  5. Personal Data Questionnaire (PDF)
  6. Photograph Requirement (PDF)
  7. Autobigraphy Requirement (PDF)
  8. Uniform Requirement (DOC)
  9. Standard Release Form (DOC)
  10. Parental Consent Form (PDF)
  11. Health Care Records (PDF)
  12. Authorization for Release of Student Information to Parents (PDF)
  13. Direct Deposit Form 1199A (PDF)
  14. Birth Certificate or Evidence of Citizenship (PDF)
  15. Room and Board Plan (PDF)
  16. National Security Positions (PDF)
  17. Emergency Data NAVPERS 1070/602 (DOC)

NETCINST 1500.13A 29APR2014 (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (DOCX)

Registration Procedures (DOC)