The summer after freshman year, a Marine Option has the opportunity to train in San Diego, CA, or along the East Coast of the United States for CORTRAMID, which stands for "Career Orientation and Training for Midshipmen" 

Training consists of:

  • Surface warfare week
  • Aviation week
  • Submarine week
  • Marine week

Mountain Warfare School

This school, which Marine option Midshipmen take after their sophomore year of college, is in Bridgeport, CA. The base is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and is very unforgiving.

Training events included:

  • Crossing river techniques
  • Tying knots
  • Rappelling
  • Making fire
  • Navigating mountainous terrain
  • Building survival shelters

Officer Candidate School

After a Marine option goes to both CORTRAMID and Mountain Warfare School, they go to OCS, or Officer Candidate School.

This is the culmination of everything a Midshipman has learned and more. Here they are tested on:

  • Land navigation
  • Endurance courses
  • Physical fitness
  • Academics
  • Small unit leadership
  • Drill

The Basic School

Once a Marine Option graduates college, they will be a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. The training doesn't end there, though. TBS, or The Basic School, is right around the corner.

Here, Lieutenants will learn how to lead a basic rifle platoon. The saying, "Every Marine a rifleman" still holds true today.

Our skills, tested at OCS, are honed to perfection here.

The course is six months long, with little sleep. Once one completes this school, they will be on their way to their MOS school.