A STA-21 Officer Candidate (OC) at Jacksonville University NROTC will likely attend JU or UNF. Most attend UNF, but JU does offers a matching grant to your STA-21 tuition and many other scholarships, allowing some Sailors to save their GI-Bill for later use. The unit utilizes a Battalion structure that differs from the department and divisional structure we use aboard ships. Responsibilities at JUNROTC range from being a Squad Leader during the first year to Battalion Commander during their senior year, as well as holding billets and other positions in between (Team Captain, Student Battalion Staff, OIC of an event, and/or tasks as given by those senior to them).

Generally, during the first semester, an OC will be responsible for themselves and a few others. By their second year, they will become responsible for many others and will become familiar with how to organize NROTC events. Juniors and Seniors will hone their leadership skills in many different areas and situations, and will become responsible for a semester’s worth of tasks and events. Given the background and prior training of the Naval active duty force, these qualities should already be instilled in those selected for the STA-21 program.

An OC will set the example for aspiring leaders (Midshipmen) around them, and will face a unique set of challenges, one of which may be having a young and inexperienced midshipman in charge of them. Even in this position, it is their duty and responsibility to observe and teach all those around them the desirable qualities of leadership. Officer Candidates are welcome to spread the wealth of knowledge and experience they bring with them. Midshipmen will follow the example put forth by active duty personnel. Therefore, the importance of giving a strong and true effort to teach and motivate cannot be said enough.

You can expect to participate in ROTC events anywhere from 2-5 times per week. PT is conducted with the battalion on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 0530, unless otherwise directed (Less is possible through Outstanding PRT scores). We welcome and encourage your outstanding physical condition. Drill is scheduled for Friday mornings and will cover a large variety of leadership courses and general military training.

Weekly schedules are in great part dictated by PT and your class schedule, but the rest is up to you. You determine what time you do homework, eat, sleep, complete tasks assigned to you, or extra physical training. You can even determine your class schedule! (To a certain extent of course). Depending on your semester hours and prior education, your free time will vary greatly. You are truly in charge of your own fate. As responsible active duty persons, remember it is your job to perform well in school. Take care to manage your time wisely. For those with family, this program can be a blessing. Being home to see your loved ones every day is awesome, but you cannot let it distract you from your job (getting a degree). It is highly recommended that you maintain a regular work day and enforce it with your family so that you can prioritize your school work. Use the campus facilities, libraries and study rooms to your benefit if you are easily distracted.

Volunteering and Community Service can vary depending on the school attended and declared major. Regardless, there will be opportunities to demonstrate your desire to serve the unit and others during the time spent at JUNROTC. Fundraising activities, community events and color guards all occur each semester, and volunteering spreads the load when things get busy. There are usually one or two fundraising events conducted by the battalion each semester. OC’s can expect to be placed in charge of such events. Each year will build on the last, and some will become not only more challenging, but also more rewarding. Your effort will directly benefit the men and women around you and will bring great pride and satisfaction to all. Earning a degree and commissioning from Jacksonville University and JUNROTC will give you the opportunity to serve this country as a Naval Officer.

We Welcome Your Arrival!