A Naval Midshipman at Jacksonville University can attend JU, UNF, or FSCJ. They will likely attend JU if on scholarship, but may attend UNF/FSCJ as well. If you are not on scholarship you may attend any of the three schools as well. Responsibilities range from being a Squad Leader during the freshman year to Battalion Commander during their senior year, and may include holding a billet or other position (Team Captain, Student Battalion Staff, OIC of an event, and/or tasks as given by those senior to them). Generally, during their freshman year, a Naval Midshipman will learn to be responsible for themselves and a few others. During their sophomore year, they will learn to be responsible for many others and will become familiar with how to organize some kind of event. Juniors and seniors will hone their leadership skills in many different areas and situations, and will become responsible for a semester’s worth of tasks and events.

Upon arrival at Jacksonville University you will attend Orientation and Indoctrination (O&I). This usually happens 1-2 weeks before the start of the fall semester. During this phase you will learn various things about the program, Navy/Marine Corps history and traditions, Leadership characteristics, as well as discipline and how the military does things (including how to wear the uniform). This will be a time where you will be challenged mentally and physically, but by the end it, will be very rewarding, as you will be sworn in as a Midshipman.

As a freshman or sophomore at JU, you will be required to live in the dorms. As for being a freshman in ROTC you will live in a dorm hall surrounded by and rooming with your fellow freshmen midshipman; it’s this setting that allows you to work together and become close as friends, as this will be the class that you will be commissioning/graduating with in four years.

Organized PT is conducted at 0530 3x/week, but sometimes less if in outstanding physical condition. Volunteering and Community Service can vary depending on the school attended and declared major. Regardless, there will be opportunities to demonstrate your desire to serve the Unit and others during the time spent at JUNROTC. Fundraising activities, community events and color guards all occur each semester, and volunteering spreads the load when things get busy.

Weekly schedules are in great part dictated by PT and class schedule, but the rest is up to you. You determine what time you do homework, eat, sleep, complete tasks assigned to you, or extra physical training. You can even determine your class schedule! (To a certain extent of course). Finding the balance between academics, ROTC, and personal life may be one of the toughest, but most essential traits to learn. You will not only learn how to be an officer in the military, but also tools to be successful in life. Each year will build on the last, and will become not only more challenging, but also more rewarding. Your effort will directly benefit the men and women around you and will bring great pride and satisfaction to all. Earning a degree and commissioning from Jacksonville University and JUNROTC will give you opportunities others have only dreamed of.

We Welcome Your Arrival!