Welcome to Jacksonville University and the world of Nursing! The following are advice/tips to prepare you for the nursing option:


  • It's easier said than done, but you will appreciate starting all assignments and studying early; do a little every day so you can actually retain information and maintain some balance.
  • Do not underestimate the importance for adequate sleep!
    • It is better to get rest the night before an exam than to stay up late and cram.
  • Most of ROTC does not understand the workload of nursing: do not be afraid to communicate this fact when necessary... nursing school—your academics—comes first!
  • During clinical, don’t be shy! The nurses you follow have been in your shoes before, and it is their job to teach you; clinical is the time for learning, so speak up, ask questions, get involved, and practice skills.

Study Habits

  • Ask questions in class, so you don’t find yourself trying to figure something out while studying the night before the exam.
  • If you’re a good typist, bring your laptop to take notes in class.
  • Focus on PowerPoints: the content on them is what the professors want you to know. Use your textbook as supplemental study—refer to them based on what is on the PowerPoints.
  • If provided study guides, complete them early; use them during group study. Do group study early, not the night before the exam; use that time for your own personal review.
  • Use supplemental CDs from textbooks to practice questions.
  • Use online textbook resources to practice questions.
  • Practice ATI questions early and read every rational for given answers.
    • ATI sneaks up on students at the end of terms; they are different types of questions than what professors give on exams.
    • ATI exams can change your grade by a full letter, good or bad.


  • Attend every after exam review: many professors will give points back for exam questions so long as you can defend your reasoning behind it with textbooks/PowerPoints.
  • These recovered exam points can likely save you at the end of terms, whether it be passing with the required exam average or giving you the extra boost for a higher grade.
  • Seek advice and reassurance from upperclassmen.
    • Ask them what books they recommend buying or renting.
  • Eat healthy and work out! It helps cope with/relieve stress.