What responsibilities can I expect during my time at JU ROTC?

As a MECEP Marine at Jacksonville University you will likely attend UNF or FSCJ. This is due to full GI-Bill coverage at those schools. Those who choose to attend JU for the Nursing or other programs and will accept student loans for that portion not covered by the GI-Bill or other scholarship. Responsibilities at JUNROTC range from being a Squad Leader during the freshman year to Battalion Commander during their senior year, and may include holding a billet or other position (Team Captain, Student Battalion Staff, OIC of an event, and/or tasks as given by those senior to them). Generally, during their freshman year, you will be responsible for themselves and a few others. During their sophomore year, they will become responsible for many others and will become familiar with how to organize some kind of event. Juniors and Seniors will hone their leadership skills in many different areas and situations, and will become responsible for a semester’s worth of tasks and events. Given the background and prior training of the some of the MECEP Marines, these qualities may have already been instilled. It is their duty and responsibility then, to observe and teach all those around them the desirable qualities of leadership.

What additional activities would I be expected to participate in?

In addition to the JUNROTC Battalion, Marines also participate in Semper Fidelis Society. This is a platoon dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of Marine Corps leadership in its truest form and at the platoon level. You will be expected to set the example for aspiring leaders around you, and will face a unique set of challenges, one of which may be having a younger midshipman in charge of you. Those in Semper Fidelis Society will be given tasks or billets above and beyond those given at the battalion level. These may include being a Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant, Semper Fi President, Mess Night OIC, or the Marine Corps Birthday Ball OIC. MECEP Marines are welcome to spread the wealth of knowledge and experience they bring with them. Midshipmen should follow the various examples set forth by the active duty personnel. Therefore, the importance of giving a strong and true effort to teach and motivate others cannot be said enough. Physical training is conducted separate from the battalion on Wednesdays and Fridays at 0530. Physical standards are higher in Semper Fi Platoon compared to the battalion and therefore, we invite your outstanding physical condition.

Would I be expected to volunteer to serve in community service events?

Volunteering and Community Service can vary depending on the school attended and declared major. Regardless, there will be opportunities to demonstrate your desire to serve the Unit and others during your time at JUNROTC. Fundraising activities, community events and color guards all occur each semester, and volunteering spreads the load when things get busy. There are usually one or two fundraising events conducted by Semper Fidelis Society in addition to those battalion events.

A delicate balance between the unit, school, and personal life is vital to success. Once cannot exist without the other. In order to accomplish the goal of graduation and commissioning, each member of JUNROTC must learn time management, and how to be successful in each area of life. This may be difficult at times, but as multitasking becomes second nature, satisfaction and performance improves.

Family life is highly important, especially for those that arrive with their families. Communication is always important to maintain between both your spouse and your children. If there is ever any kind of breakdown of communication between either, then your family life will begin to suffer. By just spending time at the dinner table talking with your children to see how their day went at school, to even periodically calling your spouse throughout the week or day, provides those times needed to let them all know that you are still alive, functioning, and that they still matter to you. Even at times when you may not feel like talking to anyone, you will be surprised of how effective a conversation with your 6 year old will have on your day.

When considering volunteering or extra part time jobs you must make sure that these extra-curricular activities do not adversely affect your responsibilities to the Unit, or your family. If either begins to occur, then a reevaluation must occur when considering these activities. Leadership within the battalion as a MECEP Marine should be highly sought after, due to the influence and change that you can instill in the minds of the developing Midshipmen. This is highly important, due to the fact there are Marine Officers out in the fleet that can still recall their experiences with the MECEPs that helped influence their leadership style, character, and just how they developed their view of the Marine Corps.

Weekly schedules are greatly dictated by PT and individual class schedules, but the rest is up to you. You should individually determine what time you perform homework, eat, sleep, complete tasks assigned, to even extra PT. You are allowed to determine your own class schedule, ensuring there are no conflicts between your institution classes and the required Naval Science classes that are only offered through Jacksonville University. Each year will build on the last, and will become not only more challenging, but also more rewarding. Every one of your efforts will directly benefit your superiors, peers, and the Midshipmen; while at the same time developing a greater sense of pride and satisfaction to all. Earning a degree and commissioning from both your institution of choice and Jacksonville University NROTC will provide every MECEP Marine an opportunity to serve his country as a Marine Corps Officer.

We Welcome Your Arrival!