A Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program student at Jacksonville University is expected to be an active and contributing member of the battalion. You will hold billets along with the midshipmen and use your Fleet experience to train other students as you develop your leadership skills in the program. 

In addition to the JUNROTC Battalion, MECEPs also participate in Semper Fidelis Society. This is a platoon dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of Marine Corps leadership in its truest form and at the platoon level. Those in Semper Fidelis Society will be given tasks or billets above and beyond those given at the battalion level. These can include being a Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant, Semper Fi President, Mess Night OIC, or the Marine Corps Birthday Ball OIC. Those aspiring to join Semper Fidelis Society are welcome to first spend time at our separate training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 0600. Physical standards are higher in Semper Fi Platoon compared to the battalion and therefore, we welcome your outstanding physical condition.

Volunteering and Community Service can vary depending on the school attended and declared major. Regardless, there will be opportunities to demonstrate your desire to serve the Unit and others during the time spent at JUNROTC. Fundraising activities, community events and color guards all occur each semester, and volunteering spreads the load when things get busy.

During the summers you are expected to continue your course work. You also have the opportunity to support NROTC summer training in various capacities if you desire. 

Weekly schedules are in great part dictated by PT and class schedule, but the rest is up to you. You determine what time you do homework, eat, sleep, complete tasks assigned to you, or extra physical training. You can even determine your class schedule! (To a certain extent of course). Each year will build on the last, and will become not only more challenging, but also more rewarding. Your effort will directly benefit the men and women around you and will bring great pride and satisfaction to all. Earning a degree and commissioning from Jacksonville University and JUNROTC will give you opportunities others have only dreamed of.

We Welcome Your Arrival!