In order to streamline the International Student tax compliance process, Jacksonville University requires all international students to prepay their international taxes each semester. The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires Jacksonville University to withhold on average 14% but could be required to withhold up to 30% of monies awarded that cover room, meal plan or any other fees deemed by the IRS as not tuition related. This excess scholarship amount to cover these expenses are considered income by the IRS. The Student Accounts office will create a tax deposit account for each person. It is recommended that each semester’s taxes be paid in a timely fashion to ensure early registration for following semester(s). As room and meal plan rates increase from year to year, the students will be responsible for increasing the withholding amount. The withheld monies is remitted to the IRS on your behalf at the end of every semester.

Items that are taxable on a student account include: Scholarship or fellowship money (foreign or domestic) that covers Room and Board. Students who are self-pay do not have to prepay.​

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