Paying for School


All students, including recruited athletes, must submit a Confidential Financial Statement showing enough funds for expenses not covered by a Jacksonville University Scholarship. Learn more about our tuition and costs.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is not available for international students, but we do offer merit scholarships based on your recalculated GPA. You don't have to apply for a merit scholarship; we will automatically determine whether you qualify for one or not. International students who need additional financial assistance may also work on campus for up to 20 hours each week.


The OAS Rowe Fund program was created over sixty-five years ago with the purpose of helping citizens of Latin American and Caribbean countries fund their studies in U.S. universities by granting interest-free student loans. Through this supplementary financial aid, the OAS contributes to the economic and social advancement of developing countries in the region.

To learn more, visit their website or check the following useful links:

Latin American and Caribbean international students admitted or currently enrolled in the United States are encouraged to read the information above.

PEER Platform for Syrian Students

IIE launched the Platform for Education in Emergencies Response (PEER) Platform. This is a database of scholarship, language and online opportunities for displaced Syrians and refugees. Students can search according to degree, country, or field of study. The platform is now focused on Syria, but the goal is that over the next few years it will evolve into a comprehensive database for all displaced students all over the world.