Simulations involving Standardized Patients (SPs) primarily occur in the STAR Center or Skills Lab within the Brooks Rehabilitation of Healthcare Sciences (BRCHS). Simulations may also be completed in the Speech Pathology Lab, Mental Wellness Counseling Lab, or in BRCHS classrooms depending on the needs of the course.

STAR Center

STAR Center

The largest training center is the Simulation Training and Applied Research (STAR) Center. The STAR Center replicates a diverse patient care environment and is primarily used for simulations which require higher level critical thinking skills. The 14 patient bays are equipped to reflect an inpatient hospital setting featuring hospital beds, patient monitors, and a comprehensive array of diagnostic and treatment equipment. The patient bays are customized for a variety of simulation scenarios that include:

  • care across the lifespan
  • maternal child care
  • psychiatric care 
  • critical care
  • rehabilitation care
  • speech language pathology diagnosis and care

The STAR Center is configured with video cameras which provide for live or recorded viewing, often used in student debriefing following a simulation. Debriefing sessions are conducted in the adjoining computer room.

Clinical Skills Lab

Skills Center header

The Clinical Skills Lab is equipped with 19 patient beds, 7 exam tables, and a variety of task trainers to promote experiential learning of foundational nursing skills. The Skills Lab focuses primarily on simulations which assist students to develop proficiency in:

  • nursing assessment
  • medication administration
  • procedural skills such as IV insertion, indwelling catheter insertion, dressing changes
  • safe transfer of patients using a mechanical lift ​​​​