Employee Recognition Programs

Developed and maintained in cooperation with the JU Employee Recognition Committee.

  • Chair: Allana Forte, Director of Office of People & Culture
  • Members: Vickie Jones, Judy San Socie, Dr. Quinton White, Rogina Gale, and Misty Pippin.
  • The Jacksonville University Employee Recognition program was created to recognize excellence in the areas of quality service, process improvement, teamwork and to acknowledge longstanding commitment to the University. The program comprises several aspects, including those described below:

Nominate Someone for Employee of the Month

Criteria Selection for Employee Recognition and Rewards Programs
NOTE: Clicking on the links below will launch a form where you can fill out your nomination and send it to the Office of People & Culture Department.

All full or part-time staff/administrative employees working for Jacksonville University (including those individuals in Facilities Services and Food Service). Any employee or student of the University can make nominations by completing an  Employee-of-the-Month form. Nominations must be submitted by the 20th of a month for award consideration for the following month. Since this is an individual award the nominator can only nominate one employee per form. An individual can win the award once in any calendar year. Recipients will receive the following recognition: a $50.00 cash award, designated parking space for the month, certificate signed by the President, an extra day off, and recognition at the University-wide cookout.

Employee of the Month criteria

  • Exhibited commitment to service and to serving the Jacksonville University community;
  • Sustained high level of productivity and consistent quality of work;
  • Demonstrated high degree of initiative in the performance of responsibilities;
  • Displayed exceptional dependability;
  • Maintains, demonstrates and exhibits effective relationships with others.
  • If someone you know portrays these kinds of qualities or has done something above and beyond normal duties, nominate them for Employee of the Month.

Service Awards

All full and part-time staff/administrative employees will receive recognition for continuous service to the University at five-year increments. Individuals can select award material from a service award vendor which has a variety of awards from which to select. The value of the award increases with the years of completed service.  These individuals will receive recognition in JU Today, as well as at the University-wide cookout.

Ideas Program

Jacksonville University recognizes that its employees play a significant role in determining the success of the University. They understand best the day to day work of the University and are in a good position to offer suggestions that might lead to improvements in institutional quality, operations, and/or services. Therefore the University encourages its employees to submit their IDEAS and suggestions for consideration. All full-time staff/administrative employees who submit a significant suggestion, which is adopted, to the President’s Ideas Program will receive recognition. The Superior Ideas Awards will be recognized at the University-wide Spring cookout. Ideas, which fall in to the following, are eligible for consideration:

  • Significantly improve current methods, procedures, or systems;
  • Significantly improve public relations, employee relations, or student service;
  • Significantly increase productivity or efficiency;
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate cost, time, space, materials or supplies;
  • Significantly improve working conditions with respect to safety, health, or sanitation;
  • Significantly improve internal or external communication;
  • Significantly improve environmental and energy savings.

Employees must complete the IDEAS Program form providing a detailed description of the current situation, a description of the IDEA, and how it would benefit the University. Submission of IDEAS by a group is also encouraged. IDEAS will be reviewed on a monthly basis. Those employees submitting ideas, which are implemented by the University, will be considered for recognition.

Submit an Idea