Pre-Health Advising

Planning on entering a health care professional program after graduating from JU?

Whether you want to be a veterinarian, dentist, optician, physician assistant, physical therapist, or a physician (either with a M.D. or D.O.), smart choices, ambition, and content preparation (high G.P.A. in relevant coursework and competitive scores on admissions tests) are all necessary to be accepted in these competitive programs.


Students self-identifying as pre-health students should meet with their academic advisors on a regular basis to discuss their trajectory to becoming a health professional. Additionally, designated pre-health advisors assist students in professional preparation and navigating entrance requirements. Excellent grades in demanding preparative courses, relevant shadowing / internship experiences, and a demonstrated commitment to the health professions need to be accomplished while pursuing the undergraduate degree. Our faculty are dedicated to assisting students develop into well-rounded, academically prepared graduates that are competitive for entrance into professional programs.


  • For recommended courses in the pre-professional program, please see the following pre-health checksheet.
  • For those interested in medical school, plan to take Biochemistry I (offered only in the fall), Genetics, recommended courses in the pre-health checksheet, and any pre-requisites required by programs of target medical schools.
  • For those interested in dentistry or optometry, plan to take microbiology, recommended courses in the pre-health checksheet, and any pre-requisites required by programs of target schools.
  • Be an active member of JU to demonstrate skills/experiences in leadership, volunteerism/community service/ involvement, shadowing, and emotional maturity.

Suggested minors include: Medical Humanities, Psychology, Business Adminstration, Communication, Computing Science, and Mathematics.

Pre-H​ealth Committee

Faculty in the Departments of Biology and Marine Science and Chemistry comprise a pre-health committee, whose responsibilities include:

  • Staying abreast of current Health Professional School Admission requirements.
  • Holding a Pre-Health Advising meeting each semester for Pre-Health Majors.

Would you like more information? Learn more about the faculty members or contact them through the directory.

Opportunities for Pre-Health Students

Visit Career Management!

Career Management is here to help!
Need assistance with:
·       Reaching out to hospitals or clinics to shadow?
·       Finding an internship?
·       Applying to a professional school for any health profession?
·       Building a resume?
·       Interviewing skills?
·       Anything else?
We can assist you in whichever way you need.
In the past, JU students have worked with the Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute, St. Vincent Medical Center, and much more! We have a variety of contacts at many healthcare organizations.
Make an appointment with us at any time.
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