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Inquiry and Discovery

The School of Sciences & Mathematics at Jacksonville University engages students in learning through authentic experiences to prepare graduates for careers in science, mathematics, and beyond. Our innovative faculty promote scientific inquiry and dynamic problem solving through interactive coursework, extracurricular activities, undergraduate research opportunities, and engaging speaker series.


Studying the natural and physical sciences develops your curiosity about the world around you. These programs prepare you for careers in healthcare, medical research, environmental science, marine biology, ecology, forensics, pharmacy, federal regulation, and education. Our faculty offer majors and minors that can help you achieve your goals.


Chemistry and Physics

Marine Science



Studying mathematics improves both the creative and analytic skills needed for every career. Whether it be space exploration, social media analytics, or medical scanning technology, mathematics can be found just about everywhere you look. Our majors, minors, and concentrations prepare you to succeed in a wide variety of career paths.


Data Science

Actuarial Science

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