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About Our Program

Courses in the Biology program include innovative investigative laboratories, emphasizing active learning and technology. The curriculum includes valuable writing and research components, preparing students for their professions in the 21st century. Highlights of the program include small classes with hands-on lab and field experiences- students will have the opportunity to conduct field and lab work in a collaborative environment. Students learn the skills to maintain various organisms, utilize imaging systems, spectrophotometers, centrifuges, incubators, and microscopes for use in laboratory and research settings.

In addition to the University core, students earning the Bachelor of Science in Biology must complete a 19-credit-hour biology core, 15 hours of upper-level biology courses, and a series of allied courses in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. Additionally, students majoring in Biology have the option of taking Marine Science courses, further expanding the courses available and allowing them to explore individual passions and interests. MAJOR REQUIREMENTSBiology Minor

Engaged Learning

In addition to course work, students in the Biology program at JU will find ample opportunity for research, internships, and other interaction with faculty in the department. Biology majors are encouraged to work with faculty experts in unique and engaging research experiences. Students can register for an independent study to carry out a project with a faculty mentor. 

Paired with the curriculum, these experiences will prepare students for careers in bioengineering, cellular biology, ecology, environmental sciences, wildlife conservation, immunology, marine biology, medicine, zoology, and more. 

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