Faculty & Staff

Full-time Faculty and Staff

Ken Black (Instructor) 

B.S. University of Florida; M.F.A.S. University of Florida
Areas of Specialization: Ecophysiology of estuarine organisms, environmental toxicology, nutrition

Email: kblack@ju.edu


Rose Borkowski (Professor)

B.A. University of North Carolina; D.V.M. University of Florida
Area of Specialization: Veterinary Medicine, Biology and Medicine of Birds, Marine and Terrestrial Mammals, Diseases of Zoo and Wildlife Species, Human Anatomy and Physiology


Lee Ann J. Clements (Professor, Associate Provost for Assessment & Academic Operations)

B.A. University of Virginia; M.S. & Ph.D. University of South Carolina
Areas of Specialization: Biological Oceanography, Physiological Ecology and Regeneration in Invertebrates


Kara Conway (Assistant Professor)

B.S. University of Notre Dame; Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Area of Specialization: Immune Cell Function, B Cell Autoimmunity, Mucosal Immunity 

Blake Preston Doiron (Biology Laboratory Manager/Chemical Hygiene Officer)

B.S. Kennesaw State University; NREP AEP
Area of Specialization: Occupational Health and Safety, and Environmental Engineering & Compliance


John Enz (Associate Professor)

B.S. University of Texas at El Paso; M.S. University of Texas at El Paso; Ph.D. University of Louisville
Area of Specialization: Entomology, Pollination Ecology, Aquatic Macroinvertebrates,  Herpetology, Tropical Ecology, Study Abroad, Human Anatomy and Physiology

Email: jenz@ju.edu


Bryan Franks (Assistant Professor)

B.S. Villanova University; M.S. Drexel University; Ph.D. Drexel University
Area of Specialization: Shark Biology, Herpetology, Tropical Ecology, Study Abroad 


Nisse Goldberg (Associate Professor & Chair)

B.A. Univ. California, Santa Cruz; MS, San Jose State University; PhD, University of Western Australia
Areas of Specialization: Terrestrial and Marine Botany, Terrestrial and Marine Ecology


Breanna Korsman (Instructor)

B.S. The College of William and Mary; M.Ed. University of Florida; M.S. University of North Florida
Areas of Specialization: Estuarine Ecology, Spatial Distribution of Estuarine Organisms, Trophic dynamics


Daniel A. McCarthy (Professor)

B.S. Jacksonville University; M.S. Florida State University; Ph.D. King's College, University of London
Areas of Specialization: Invertebrate Zoology, Marine Ecology, Reproduction of Marine Organisms


Cathy Miller (Instructor & Assistant to the Chair)
B.S. Miami University; M.S. University of California Riverside
Areas of Specialization: Altitude physiology, anatomy and physiology


Anthony (Andy) J.A. Ouellette (Professor)

A.A. Valencia Community College; B.S. University of Central Florida; Ph.D. University of Minnesota
Areas of Specialization: Toxic Cyanobacteria, Microbiology, Biochemistry


Dru Roycik (Assistant Professor)

B.S. Georgia Southern University; Ph.D. Florida State University
Areas of Specialization: Metalloenzymes; Enzyme Inhibition; Regenerative Medicine


Melinda Simmons (Assistant Professor)

B.S. University of California Santa Barbara; M.S. University of California San Diego; Ph.D. University of California Santa Cruz
Areas of Specialization: Biological Oceanography, Marine Microbiology


Jeremy Stalker (Associate Professor)

B.S. Michigan State UniversityM.S. University of Montana; Ph.D. Florida International University
Areas of Specialization: Hydrology, Stable Isotope, Ionic, and Nutrient Geochemistry, Coastal Oceanography, Geophysics, Forensics


Natasha Vanderhoff (Associate Professor)

B.S. Loyola University of Chicago, M.S. University of Louisville, Ph.D. University of Louisville
Areas of Specialization: Behavioral Ecology, Foraging, Animal Communication, Ornithology, Tropical Ecology, Primatology


A. Quinton White Jr (Professor & Executive Director of the MSRI)

B.S. North Carolina Wesleyan College; M.S. University of Virginia; Ph.D. University of South Carolina
Areas of Specialization: Invertebrate Zoology, Marine Ecology, Ecology and Life History of Manatees


Michele Williams (Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology, Medical Microbiology)

B.A. Jacksonville University; D.V.M. University of Florida; Ph.D. Mississippi State University
Areas of Specialization: Medical and Veterinary Microbiology, Food Safety, Public Health Microbiology
Associate Faculty and Researchers

Danielle D'Amato

B.S. Jacksonville University ; M.S.Jacksonville University 
Areas of Specialization:Diamondback Terrapins, Herpetology 


Hannah Hart 

B.S. Florida Institute of Technology; M.S. University of North Florida 
Areas of Specialization: Digestive Physiology in Elasmobranchs, Reproductive Physiology and Ecology of Blue Crabs, Stock Assessment in the St. Johns River


John N. Heine (Research Scientist)

B.S. University of California, Irvine; M.A. San Jose State University (Moss Landing Marine Laboratories)
Areas of Specialization: Marine Ecology, Polar Biology, Scientific Diving Marine Science
Webpages: Author page at Goodreads.com:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/75352.John_N_Heine;
Author page at amazon.com:  https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B001KCJTS6;
CalCOFI Coordinator and editor of CalCOFI Reports:  http://calcofi.org

Email:  jheine@ju.edu


Jen Ross 

B.A. Elon College; B.S. University of North Florida; MSH University of North Florida
Areas of specialization: Nutrition Counseling, Binge Eating Disorder, Non-Weight-Focused and Non-Diet Approaches to Health and Wellness


Gerry Pinto

Ph.D. Plymouth Polytechnic, Plymouth, England
Areas of Specialization: Aquaculture, Marine Ecology, and Ecology and Life History of Manatees


Ryan Ford

M.S. University of North Florida