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  • Goldberg, N. and John Heine. 2024.  Laguncularia racemosa phenology and resilience near its northern limit along the eastern coast of the USA. Aquatic Botany.  Volume 194.
  •  Baraldo, N.; Buzzoni, L.; Pasti, L.; Cavazzini, A.; Marchetti, N.; Mancia, A. miRNAs as Biomolecular Markers for Food Safety, Quality, and Traceability in Poultry Meat—A Preliminary Study. Molecules 2024, Volume 29, p748.
  • Bielmyer-Fraser, G., Franks, B., Somerville, R., Hueter, R., Newton, A., Fisher, C. 2023.  Tissue metal concentrations and antioxidant enzyme activity in western north Atlantic white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias).  Aquatic Toxicology. Volume 261.


  • Vanderhoff, E.N. and Bernal Hoverud, N., 2022. Perspectives on Antiphonal Calling, Duetting and Counter-Singing in Non-primate Mammals: An Overview With Notes on the Coordinated Vocalizations of Bamboo Rats (Dactylomys spp., Rodentia: Echimyidae). Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 10, p.906546.
  • Goldberg, N. and Watkins, R.L., 2022. Gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) distribution and flood hazards using mitigation permits (2009-2021) in the lower St. Johns River basin, Florida. Florida Scientist, 85(3/4), pp.137-143.
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  • Bielmyer-Fraser, G., *Llazar, K., *Ward, A., Trent, T., Goldberg, N. 2022. Metal analysis of submerged aquatic vegetation in the lower St. Johns River, Florida. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 194: 492, pp.12

* student author


  • Hooper, D.R., Orange, T., *Gruber, M.T., *Darakjian, A.A., Conway, K.L., Hausenblas, H.A., 2021. Broad spectrum polyphenol supplementation from tart cherry extract on markers of recovery from intense resistance exercise. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 18(1), pp.1-9.

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  • Goldberg, N. and Watkins, R.L., 2021. Spatial comparisons in wetland loss, mitigation, and flood hazards among watersheds in the lower St. Johns River basin, northeastern Florida, USA. Natural Hazards, 109(2), pp.1743-1757.

* student author


  • Bastien, G., Barkley, A., Chappus, J., Heath, V., Popov, S., Smith, R., Tran, T., Currier, S., Fernandez, C., Okpara, P., Owen, V., Franks, B., Heuter, R., Madigan, D., Fischer, C., McBride, B and Hussey, N.E. 2020. Inconspicuous, recovering, or northward shift: Status and management of the white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) in Atlantic Canada. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 77, 1666-1677.

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* student author


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  • Goldberg, N, *Dannenhoffer, K, McCarthy, D., 2018. Changes in algal diversity along nearshore hardbottom habitats of Palm Beach County, FL: indications of a community in decline? Florida Scientist, 81, pp.170-179. *Marine Science Graduate Student

  • Goldberg, N.A., Trent, T. and Hendrickson, J., 2018. Temporal and Spatial Changes in Vallisneria americanaMichaux (Tape-grass) Beds in the Lower St. Johns River, Florida, from 2002–2011. Southeastern Naturalist, 17(3), pp.396-410.

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  • Smukall, M.J., Kessel, S.T., Franks, B.R., Feldheim, K.A., Guttridge, T.L. and Gruber, S.H., 2018. No apparent negative tagging effects after 13 years at liberty for lemon shark, Negaprion brevirostris implanted with acoustic transmitter. Journal of fish biology.

* student author

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Dr. McCarthy



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News & Events


Learn about the "Mysteries of the great white shark" in the Florida Times Union, with Dr. Bryan Franks sharing his expert knowledge on the subject.

Dan's paper



   Learn about living shorelines from Dr. Dan McCarthy and colleagues by clicking this link: Nearshore Hardbottom Reefs.








Dr. Jeremy Stalker's difter that sits below the water line and is pushed by the ocean currents instead of the wind. It measures the speed and direction of the current it is in. There is a small GPS unit attached to the top that pings the position to the satellites twice a day.











Dr. Dan McCarthy, coral reef ecologist, represented JU as an expert panelist for the "Chasing Coral," part of the Movies That Matter series from US Green Building Counci of Northeast Florida and Beaches Go Green.

Dr. Andy Ouellette presented "Redefining 'You': Tales from the World of Microbes,"  with Science on Tap Jax and discussion about the coronavirus: "A Jacksonville University microbiology expert says you don’t need to worry about the coronavirus." In addition, he recently spoke at the 8th Timucuan Science and History Symposium, with his presentation entitled "Seasonal Dynamics and Characterization of Vibrio Bacteria in the Timucuan Preserve," co-authored by former marine science graduate student Shelby O'Brien and biology undergraduate Janel Palomo.

 Andy TIMU

2018 – 2019

Check out Dr. Andy Ouellette's interview on WJCT: "Concerns about flesh-eating bacteria."

Biology major Jarvis Strickland was awarded best undergraduate research presentation for his work "Surveillance of Maryland white-tailed deer for vector-borne parasites” presented at the Southeastern Society of Parasitology conference!

Biology majors Elizabeth Florida, supervisor of JU's community garden, and Francis Alip, President of JUMPS presented at JU's first Student Health Fair, sponsored by JUMPS!

Garden JUMPS

Marine Science Research Institute's John Heine describes the use of rebreathers for SCUBA diving in the Antarctic:

Bringing Breathers to Antarctica.


Check out Dr. Lena Schulze's publications on her physical oceanography research:

Check out Dr. Bryan Franks' latest publication on sharks: "No apparent negative tagging effects after 13 years at liberty for lemon shark, Negaprion brevirostris implanted with acoustic transmitter"

Dr. Bryan Franks, our esteemed shark biologist, is interviewed on his return from Nova Scotia to study Great Whites in collaboration with OCEARCH.

Dr. Nisse Goldberg, botanist and ecologist, is interviewed on the state of the wetlands in the lower St. Johns River: St. Johns River suffers from salinity gains, wetlands loss, report says

Dr. Andy Ouellette, our expert on harmful algal blooms, is interviewed on First Coast News to discuss red tide and toxic algae

River Wise, a ceramic mural capturing the real world drama of native species and their environment by Tiffany Gonzelez, a candidate for the MFA in Visual Arts. This interdisciplinary project included participates from our undergraduate students in ceramics and the graduate students in marine science, mentored by Dr. Quint White!


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