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Student Research

Using the knowledge and skills from coursework, laboratory and field experiences to carry out a research project, internship, or service learning project can be transformative and is the type of experience that can set you apart when applying for employment or grad/professional programs. The faculty of the department cannot overemphasize the value for personal and professional development that these types of experiences hold.

Examples of student projects

Dr. Natasha Vanderhoff and Dr. Jeremy Stalker led a group of five students (Ryan Rillstone, Faiht Nylander, Kalli Unthank, Katherine Halbert, and Erika Kinchen) to Wildsumaco Biological Station in Ecuador July 3 - 17 as part of a summer study abroad class on Tropical Biology

Biology student Katie Kara receives research grant from The National Park Service, Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve and the Timucuan Trail Parks Foundation


Sean Zweygardt

Independent research project: Does color matter? Function of color polymorphism in Gasteracantha cancriformis in Northeast Florida

Faculty Mentor: Natasha Vanderhoff



Kelsey Cooper

Independent research project: Monitoring Brown Pelicans Pelecanus occidentalis in Jacksonville

Faculty Mentor: Natasha Vanderhoff


Other student research projects presented at Association Of Southeastern Biologist conferences

  • Harden, B. and E. N. Vanderhoff. Flight initiation distance in green and brown anoles. Presentation, Association of Southeastern Biologist. Montgomery, AL April 2017
  • Cotter, J, and E. N.Vanderhoff. Anthropogenic sound pollution and Northern Cardinal calls. Poster Presentation, Association of Southeastern Biologist. Charlotte, NC April 2016
  • Zweygardt, S. and E. N. Vanderhoff.  Does color matter? Function of color polymorphism in Gasteracantha cancriformis in Northeast Florida. Poster Presentation, Association of Southeastern Biologist. Charlotte, NC April 2016
  • T. W. Knowles , B. S. Arbogast, E. N. Vanderhoff, and A.-M. C. Hodge. Mammalogy at Wildsumaco Biological Station: the first five years.  Poster Presentation, Annual Meeting of the American Society of Mammologist. Jacksonville, FL, June 2015
  • Vanderhoff, E. N. and J. Brehm. Avian Dispersal of Non-native Plants in the Southern United States.  Poster Presentation, Association of Southeastern Biologist.  Knoxville, TN April 2015
  • Vanderhoff, E. N. and J. Brehm. Preliminary Investigation of Camphor Seed Dispersal: the Role of American Robins (Turdus migratorius). Poster Presentation, Association of Southeastern Biologists. Spartanburg, South Carolina, April 2014

Botany Students

Service Learning Projects: Growing Food for a local Food Pantry

Faculty Advisor: Nisse Goldberg

Botany students are growing plants for the Food Pantry plots of the Arlington Community Garden. Heirloom varieties of lettuce, tomato, pepper, eggplant, and broccoli have been grown. Once the plants have been started from seed, they are transferred to the Food Pantry plots and maintained by volunteers. To date, over 500 lbs of produce have been harvested from the program.

Arlington Community Garden


Botany Students

Service Learning Project: Air Potato Roundup

Faculty Advisor: Nisse Goldberg

Botany students have been leading the Air Potato Roundup for Jacksonville University. Air potato is an invasive vine and the annual event is a way to educate the public of the plant and how it can spread. Volunteers come to harvest the potatoes and also pull down the vines growing up the trees. Over 3,000 potatoes were collected from the 2012 roundup. -This can be very tiring, as is demonstrated by the picture.

Air potato roundup

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Internships & Career Preparation

Preparation for a job or graduate program requires relevant experience. Laboratory and field courses as part of the JU Biology and Marine Science programs provide these types of experience. However, it is recommended that you also obtain additional experience in a field that interests you by either doing independent study or research under the mentorship of a JU faculty member, and/or obtain experience via an internship, volunteer opportunity, or summer job. Internships in research labs, field stations, hospitals, museums and industry are available on a competitive basis.

Download the internship packet for information and fillable form.


Potential Opportunities

These are only some of the internship, volunteer, and research opportunities available. This list is to get you going; don't hesitate to contact the Career Resource Center for more.


Local Clinical Laboratory Science Programs


Marine Science Internship Opportunities

The Nautilus Science and Engineering Internship Program

The Nautilus Science and Engineering Internship Program aims to train undergraduate and graduate students studying ocean science, engineering and video/film in the at-sea environment. Intern positions entail 2-5 week periods working aboard E/V Nautilus as Data Loggers, ROV Pilots, or Video Engineers.


Mote Marine Laboratory: Marine Science Education Summer Program Internship

Mote Marine Laboratory, located in Sarasota, FL, is seeking summer interns for it's Marine Science Education Program internship.  Interns play a critical role in delivering camp programs to inspire a new generation of marine scientists, conservationists and enthusiasts.  Camps are offered for students ages 2-18.  The internship is an intensive 12-14 week commitment, running from late May-mid August.

Duties include: developing, teaching and evaluating marine science activities, supervising/lifeguarding snorkeling and other water-based activities; organizing education spaces; daily set-up and break down of camp activities


  • Pursuing a degree in education or (marine) science
  • Strong communication skills
  • Enjoy working with children

Contact for inquiries.


Fellowships, Scholarships, & Grants