At JU, students are required to participate in some sort of Experiential Learning opportunity, and the most popular among those are Internships. 

Internship Registration Instructions

Students can work internships that either count towards graduation (earning credit), or do not earn credit but will still appear on the final transcript. No matter the internship, they are all registered in the same way; through Handshake as an Experience. Download this document for a checklist to register your Internship Experience.

Checklist prior to requesting your internship for credit:

  1. Download the internship checklist and review it!
  2. Secure your internship! See below for searching tips, or reach out to Career Management.
  3. Find a faculty sponsor! This faculty member will assist you with developing learning outcomes for your internship experience, as well as schedule assignments to grade you for the internship course. 
  4. Know how many credit hours you are requesting. If you are completing your internship for your Experiential Learning requirement, then you will need 3 credit hours! (For most academic programs, you will need to work at your internship for 45 hours for every 1 credit hour).
  5. Register your internship in Handshake! Let your employer internship supervisor and faculty sponsor that they will receive an e-mail from Handshake. You are responsible for checking on the status of your approvals in Handshake during this time, under the Experiences menu. NOTE: You will need to submit your internship request in Handshake prior to or during the add/drop period of that semester. If you do not submit during this time, you may be eligilble for a Term II internship, but not the entire semester.

Once fully approved by the Employer, Faculty Sponsor, Division Chair or Dean, and Registrar, the Internship will appear on the student's schedule and transcript. If you have any specific questions, email or call 904-256-7054.

Search for Internships

Students can search Handshake for recent opportunities here. Filter by Internships under Job Type, and filter further by your major or intended field of work, duration, etc.

Set up an appointment with to discuss Internship Opportunities here. We can help you search, apply, and record Internships, so we are here for you every step of the way!

Intern Abroad

JU Students engage in local, national, and international internships through formal programs or by creating their own opportunities. Learn more about studying abroad through JU programs.

Information for Undergraduate Students

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