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Working toward the common goal of student success, the Career Management team collaborates with Jacksonville University's academic community to offer a wide range of career services and programming, focused on assisting our students in their transition from student to professional.

So how do we do that?

  • Classroom visits and career information sessions
  • Fill-in presentations during class cancellations (see Don't Cancel Class Program below)
  • Integration of career assignments into the course curriculum
  • Professional panels and workshops
  • Department outreaches and programming, aimed at specific student populations with general to specific career needs
  • Connecting employers with faculty through events such as our Career Fairs
  • Assistance in identifying quality experiential learning and internship opportunities
  • Tracking students' career steps after graduation

And much more! Contact us to see how we can help you and your students.


Internship Process Instructions

For our students to receive academic credit for their Internship, they must complete an Experience Request in Handshake. Students should complete the Experience Request along with their Faculty Advisor, to ensure the information is properly completed. After the Experience is Approved by our office, it will make its way through the remainder of the approval process.

Need additional guidance? Please see this video below from Career Management team for Faculty Handshake Training for Internship Approvals:


Don't Cancel Class Program

There's no need to cancel your class. This program, offered by the Career Management staff, can cover for you by presenting on a number of topics that are relevant to college students. Even if you don't need to cancel class, you are always welcome to request any of these presentations throughout the year. Presentations are typically 15-60 minutes in length, depending on the topic of the presentation and your schedule. Complete the request form to take advantage of this program.

Making Employer Referrals to Career Management

Employers often call faculty or other JU staff directly seeking to hire students for internships, part-time or full-time work. These employers should be referred to Career Management directly or you may contact us with their name and phone number and we will get in touch with them.

It is important to refer employers to Career Services because:

  • We can disseminate job listings to all students thus providing an equal opportunity for all qualified applicants to apply.
  • We have access to students who are looking for jobs so employers will get applicants quickly.
  • These employers become part of our database enabling them to receive information about other events such as the Career Expo, on-campus recruiting, and other campus events.
  • We maintain an ongoing relationship with employers so they will learn more about JU and so we can learn more about their company to provide accurate information to students

For employer referrals, contact Career Management at (904) 256-7054 or careers@ju.edu.

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