Study Abroad and Away

Our Mission

Study Abroad and Away at Jacksonville University seeks to promote global learning by exposing students and faculty to other countries, cultures, and languages. We seek to engage students and faculty in global issues and to issues of U.S. relations with the rest of the world.

To that end, Jacksonville University offers a variety of study abroad opportunities to students from across the country. Our programs span the world and include intensive language as well as content courses. Additionally, we encourage "engaged" learning by promoting living, service and internship opportunities abroad.

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Why Study Abroad and Away?

  • Unique programs, most courses taught in English, no pre-requisites
  • Receive a U.S. transcript from Jacksonville University
  • Among some of the most affordable study abroad programs available
  • On site support services at all of our locations throughout the world
  • Innovative experiential education opportunities
  • Service learning programs around the world
  • Federal and state financial aid may apply