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Pre-Health ProgramStudent Experiences

There are many activities outside of the classroom that will enhance your experience as a pre-health student at Jacksonville University and increase your competitive edge for health professional programs. We encourage you to get involved early and stay engaged throughout your time at JU. The Pre-Health program can help connect you to internship and job shadowing opportunities at organizations like Mayo Clinic and local hospitals. Our faculty can help you identify and pursue valuable research projects and summer programs, including the National Science Foundation’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates. The Jacksonville University Pre-Professional Medical Society (JUMPS) provides professional development opportunities through guest speakers, workshops, and field trips. The Pre-Health program helps you take advantage of these valuable resources on campus and in our community.Learn More

Pre-Health ProgramSuggested Timeline

This timeline highlights some major things to be planning on each year while at JU. Timelines should be tailored for each pre-health student on an individual basis, as many factors contribute to these plans. Faculty on the Pre-Health Committee are happy to assist in this planning. The full Pre-Health Checklist is also a helpful guide with information on required and recommended courses.

Freshman and Sophomore Years

  • Research health professional programs of interest to understand prerequisite requirements. Our Resource List will be a helpful starting point.
  • Work with your advisors to devise a 4-year plan for coursework at JU.
  • Join the Jacksonville University Medical Pre-Professionals Society (JUMPS).
  • Attend Pre-Health events on campus.
  • Get to know your professors.
  • Start thinking about and engaging in extracurricular experiences: undergraduate research, internships, shadowing, volunteering, community service, etc.
  • Earn stellar grades!

Junior and Senior Years

  • Stay engaged in extracurricular experiences: undergraduate research, internships, shadowing, volunteering, community service, etc.
  • Study for required entrance exams.
  • Register for and take the required entrance exam.
  • Request recommendation letters from faculty, advisors, and mentors. Be sure to allow plenty of time!
  • Submit applications to programs as soon as the application portals open for your cycle.
  • Earn stellar grades!

Alumni Spotlight

Francis AlipCurrently enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine

"JU has helped prepare me for my career goals in so many ways. In addition to thoroughly readying me academically, I was given endless opportunities for leadership growth and development. I had the unique experience of serving as the president for five student organizations during my undergrad, one of which I founded myself. Those experiences collectively allowed me to become more self-confident and develop into a competent leader, something I believe is important for any healthcare profession. 

In the classroom, BIOL 223 SI, Oral Presentation in the Biological Sciences, was hands down the most helpful class in my undergrad program. I was able to bolster my public speaking abilities, as well as my interview skills. As a result, I became more comfortable talking to other professionals. I was able to expand on these skills as a Head Tutor, helping countless students, and presenting my undergraduate research at several conferences. JU classes and activities helped me strengthen my communication and interpersonal skills.

Because JU is a small private liberal arts university, I've gotten more out of my college experience than most students at bigger schools. You're provided so many opportunities at JU. All you need to do is make the conscious decision to chase them. I'm forever grateful for all of the experiences I've gained through my time at JU, which has ultimately prepared me for a promising career in dentistry."

Francis Alip graduated in 2020 with Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and Psychology. In 2021, he completed his Master of Business Administration from the JU Davis College of Business & Technology.

JU-NSU Dual Admissions Program

JU and Nova Southeastern University (NSU) have partnered to provide our students with a path to enter into the NSU Doctor of Osteopathic (D.O.) Medicine Program. This formal agreement is administered by the Pre-Health Committee. To be considered for the program, students that plan on becoming a physician should apply to the JU-NSU Dual Admissions Program in their freshmen through junior years, while conducting themselves with a high level of integrity while at JU. Applications are due November 1 for the fall semester and March 15 for the spring semester.

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