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Mathematics and Data ScienceAbout Our Majors

The field of mathematics is the gateway to understanding a variety of fields including space and time, money and commerce, growth and decay, and motion and change. Students at JU can choose to major in Mathematics or Data Science. 

The Mathematics major provides students with a diverse understanding of the discipline's toolset including calculus, probability, and modeling and reasoning. In addition, there is an optional concentration in actuarial science that prepares students to take the professional certifications to become an actuary. 

The Data Science major is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the mathematical theory of data analysis as well as computation and the challenges of big data. With the addition of a minor outside of mathematics and computer science, Data Science majors at JU will be ready to engage in a data-driven career. 

Mathematics Major

Data Science Major

Minor in Mathematics

The Mathematics Department at JU offers three minors that complement your major. Our faculty will help you improve critical skills, such as problem solving, data analysis, and project design.

        • Mathematics
        • Applied Mathematics
        • Data Science

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