Mission, Vision, and Goals


The mission of the Jacksonville University Marine Science Research Institute (MSRI) is to provide outstanding teaching and high-quality research opportunities for students, faculty and other researchers on issues related to the St. Johns River and the aquatic environments. The MSRI will lead education, research and public awareness outreach programs that will improve and promote economic and environmental sustainability through its facilities and operating policies.

Vision Statement

Jacksonville University Marine Science Research Institute will be the premier interdisciplinary educational and research facility in northeast Florida focusing on the St. Johns River and the freshwater, estuarine and marine environments. The institute will operate in an energy efficient and environmentally responsible manner.


  • Prepare students to become life-long learners as effective members of the business, civic, and government community where they function as citizen stewards who care for and understand the complex marine environment.
  • Provide an educational opportunity to the greater community about the river, ocean and other environmental resources through summer camps, lectures, public appearances by faculty and students, special events, and online resources.
  • Foster and encourage a synergistic environment where students and faculty are actively engaged in community outreach programs with other units in the university and various not-for–profit or governmental organizations
  • Participation by students and faculty in discussions that impact local, state, federal, and international policies related to the river, ocean and other environmental resource conservation and sustainability
  • Promote an active research agenda for faculty, graduate and undergraduate students with both the physical and financial resources to excel.