Faculty & Staff


Executive Director, MSRI

A. Quinton White Jr. (Professor)

Director, Marine Science Undergraduate Program

Daniel A. McCarthy (Professor)

Division Chair of Biology & Marine Science

Nisse Goldberg (Professor)

Administrative Associate, MSRI

Stacee Vestal (Staff)

Marine Operations Manager, Boat Captain

Mike Birns (Staff)

           Email address  mbirns@ju.edu

           Telephone number  (904) 256-7767

           Website location  About Mike Birns

Email addreEmail address  alu

Marine Science Faculty

Anthony J.A. Ouellette (Professor)

Jeremy Stalker (Associate Professor)

Bryan Franks (Assistant Professor)

Melinda Simmons (Assistant Professor)

Research Scientists

John N. Heine (Research Scientist)

Gerry Pinto (Research Scientist)

External Faculty

Ashley Johnson, Assistant Professor of Geography & Sustainability

Gretchen Bielmyer-Fraser, Associate Professor of Analytical Chemistry/Enviromental Toxicologist