About the Marine Science Research Institute

Boasting a 32,000 square-foot LEED GOLD-certified Marine Science Research Institute (MSRI), a state-of-the-art floating classroom, and the vast natural laboratories in northeast Florida, Jacksonville University offers an unprecedented hands-on research experience that is designed to foster success in undergraduate and postgraduate fields.

With a strong foundation in biology, the program also incorporates elements of chemistry, physics and physical science, as well as life sciences to help further students’ knowledge of the environment, including sustainable practices to preserve the future. Industry professionals in the MSRI perform diverse studies of local freshwater, estuarine and saltwater conditions, then work closely with professors and students to connect concepts in the classroom with applications in the workplace.

Additionally, the city of Jacksonville is a prominent source of maritime internship and employment that extends far beyond local and regional scales and into the national and international market. The aquatic diversity of North Florida’s ecosystems allows for extensive examination of marine processes and is relevant to other investigations and reports around the world.