Residency Requirement

All new students to Jacksonville University are required to live on-campus at Jacksonville University for three (3) academic years.

New students are required to live on-campus for this period of time because Jacksonville University is committed to the educational development of its students both in the classroom and in the residential facilities. Studies show that students who live on-campus earn better grades, are more involved in student organizations, and graduate at higher rates than students who live off-campus.


You are not required to live on-campus during your first three years at Jacksonville University if you meet any of the following criteria:

  1. You are at least 22 years old before the first day of classes of the term.
  2. You are legally married, as defined by the state of Florida.
  3. You are currently serving on active duty in the military.
  4. You live with an immediate family member in Duval county. The Residential Life Office defines “immediate family member” as a parent, child, legal guardian, or a sibling.
  5. You are a transfer student at least three years removed from high school graduation date.

If you meet any of the other criteria listed above, please complete the Residency Exemption Request form located below. This form, as well as any required documentation, can be emailed (, faxed (904-256-7582), or returned in person to the Residential Life Office.

Exemption Form

Completion of this form is a request and does not guarantee exemption from the residency requirement.  The Residential Life Office reviews all applications and communicates whether or not an exemption has been granted.

This form is valid for one academic year and must be re-submitted and approved each academic year the student wishes to utilize the exemption in order for our office records to stay current.

Residency Exemption Request Form

Veteran Information

Jacksonville University is excited to incorporate military veterans into our vibrant on-campus community. The Residential Life office is committed to working in partnership with full-time student veterans to identify on-campus living accommodations that will contribute to their successful college experience. We encourage any veteran interested in on-campus housing accommodations to outreach to our office at or 904-256-7538.