Health & Safety Inspections

To ensure the health and safety of all residents, residence hall rooms and apartments are checked periodically by the Residential Life staff. Room cleanliness, arrangement, and hygiene issues that interfere with the comfort, safety, security, health or welfare of the residential community will be addressed during these inspections. The Residential Life Office will distribute expectations for these inspections prior to their occurrence.

Residents must adhere to the following:

  1. Room windows must remain closed when the air conditioner is in operation. The air conditioning equipment does not function properly when windows are open.

  2. Window screens may not be removed at any time. Students who have removed a window screen will be required to pay for any damages or replacement costs.

  3. Stickers, transparent tape and double-sided tape may not be used on floors, walls, woodwork or doors. Non-marring adhesive materials are permitted. Charges may be assessed for any damage caused by improperly used or removed adhesives.

  4. Built-in shelves and unauthorized lofts (see "Loft Beds" policy) are not permitted. Students who have constructed these items will be given written notice to remove them. Failure to do so within 48 hours will result in additional fines being assessed directly to the student's account, as well as potentially affect the status of the student's on-campus housing.

  5. Airflow vents should never be obstructed. Blocking the airflow can create a fire hazard.

  6. Tampering with any of the fire safety equipment is prohibited. All smoke alarms, fire detectors and other safety devices must be in proper working condition at all times. At no time should a smoke detector be found turned off, covered, modified, or impaired in any way. Any issues with malfunctioning smoke detectors, fire alarms or other safety equipment should be reported immediately to the Residential Life Office.

  7. Installation of ceiling fans or air conditioning units is prohibited.

  8. Realizing that the display of certain items may be considered offensive and disrespectful to some community members, the University requires the use of discretion concerning the content of pictures, posters or written materials displayed in rooms and hallways. Residents possessing any materials the University deems questionable will be asked to move such items to a more discreet posting location, or remove them entirely.

  9. Daily room care and cleaning are the responsibility of each student. Rooms should be orderly at all times.

  10. Trash must be taken to the appropriate trash receptacles.

  11. Trash bags may not be stored temporarily in hallways, breezeways or other high-traffic areas.

  12. At no time may trash be kept on Village Apartment balconies.

Example Inspection Forms

Examples of forms used to conduct health and safety inspections are available below: