GOLD Phin Committee

Meet our current members:

Hannes Witte

Hannes Witte '14

Past Chair

Degree: MBA

Major: Business

Hometown: Germany

Current Employment: Quality Engineer at Mercedes-Benz USA

Student Involvement at JU: Publishing management articles with Dr. Arbogast

Involvement as Alumni: GOLD Phin Society; GOLD Phin Committee

Community Involvement: In Germany I was a pro bono official at junior track and field events

Favorite JU Memory: Laughing with Dr. Horner and stories from Dr. Arbogast

Why GOLD Phin Society? Awesome networking opportunity with fun people!

Lucas Meers

Lucas Meers '12


Degree: BS

Major: Biology & Marine Science

Hometown: St. Charles, MO

Current Employment: Conservation Program Officer at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens & Okapi Conservation Project

Student Involvement at JU: Sigma Chi, Fitness and Recreation, Rowing

Involvement as Alumni: GOLD Phin Society; GOLD Phin Committee

Community Involvement: Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, Jacksonville University, Okapi Conservation Project, attending community events and supporting local organizations.

Favorite JU Memory: This is a tough one. There are so many good ones! Some of which probably should not be mentioned. Rushing Sigma Chi and joining the rowing team proved to be some of the greatest decisions I made. It broke me out of my shell.

Why GOLD Phin Society? I want to give back to the University and reconnect with old friends.

Shannon Etheredge

Shannon Etheredge Tesche '13

Philanthropy Coordinator

Degree: BBA and BFA

Major: Management and Dance

Hometown: Leesburg, FL

Current Employment: Procurement Analyst II at Black Knight, Inc.

Student Involvement at JU: I was a member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, during which I was the Alumni Relations Chair and Chaplain. I was a member of the JU Dance Program and participated in several on campus and community performances. During my senior year, I was a candidate for Ms. Dolphina during Homecoming.

Involvement as Alumni: I enjoy attending JU sports games, the dance concerts, homecoming events, and most recently joining the GOLD Phin Committee.

Community Involvement: Involvement in United Way Baptist Campaign, Ronald McDonald House, and raising money for Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital.

Favorite JU Memory: I always enjoyed the Homecoming festivities. My favorite event was the Mock Rock competition.

Why GOLD Phin Society? I am excited and honored to be a member of the JU Gold Phin Society! Being a member of JU Gold Phin Society, not only helps us reunite and network with JU alumni, it also gives us a chance to positively impact the students of JU. I received a scholarship to attend JU, and presently I am able to contribute to a scholarship fund for JU students in turn. JU Gold Phin Society provides the opportunity of comradery between peers, and fun networking events among JU alums. It has allowed me to reconnect with JU alumni and to also meet new fellow JU grads. Together, we are able to share a common JU bond and help improve our school, network and community.

Blake Myregaard

Blake Myregaard '15, '19

Student & Campus Engagement Coordinator

Degree: Bachelors and MBA

Major: Aviation Management and Business Administration and Management

Hometown: Clearwater, FL

Current Employment: Property Administrator at Jacksonville Aviation Authority

Student Involvement at JU: Kicker for the Dolphins football team, Sigma Chi, Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), Presidential Leadership Advisory Committee, Student Ambassador, Aviation Ambassador

Involvement as Alumni: GOLD Phin Society, GOLD Phin Committee, continued outreach with the JU Aviation Program

Community Involvement: Jacksonville Humane Society, K9's for Warriors, Hunger Fight, Hubbard House

Favorite JU Memory: Working as a Student Ambassador with JU Admissions was a great time! I was able to explore more of the University outside of the Davis College of Business (DCOB) where I spent nearly all of my academic career and share with prospective JU students the endless opportunities Jacksonville University has to offer!

Why GOLD Phin Society? The GOLD Phin Society provides a great opportunity for not only me, but for all graduates of the last decade. JU has given me some of the best friends, great memories, and set me up for success in my current field of aviation. I will soon be a double alum from JU, and this society affords an excellent platform to give back to the University that has given me so much.

Lindsey Craft

Lindsey Craft '15

Events Coordinator

Degree: MBA

Major: Business Administration & Management

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Current Employment: Project Manager at Black Knight, Inc.

Student Involvement at JU: Grad Assistant for the women’s volleyball indoor and sand volleyball program

Involvement as Alumni: GOLD Phin Society; GOLD Phin Committee; Plan Black Knight alumni events

Community Involvement: JU's Charter Day of Service

Favorite JU Memory: Winning the Atlantic Sun Conference my very first year coaching volleyball in 2014

Why GOLD Phin Society? Great networking opportunity amongst some of the best JU grads in the area!

Marissa Davenport ’19

Marissa Davenport ’19

Degree: BS

Major: Music Business

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Current Employment: Sales Associate with Georgia-Pacific LLC

Student Involvement at JU: National Panhellenic Council, Student Government Association, Residential Life, New Student Orientation, and Order of Omega

Involvement as Alumni: Atlanta Dolphin Club Leader, GOLD Phin Committee

Community Involvement:  Women’s Ministry at local church

Favorite JU Memory: My favorite JU memory is the Presidential Leadership Advisory Council luncheons. It’s my favorite memory because it epitomized the heart of JU: community. The Office of the President brought together students from every corner of the campus, each with unique backgrounds, to use their voices to drive positive change for the university. It made me proud of how student-focused and united JU is.

Why GOLD Phin Society? Like many others, Jacksonville University holds a special place in my heart. What I would look forward to most is building relationships and collaborating with fellow GOLD Phins who are passionate about giving back to JU not only financially but through their time and energy. Furthermore, I would hope to not only deepen my connection to JU as an alumna, but to be more informed and involved with the University's initiatives.

Katharina Dinsmore ’19

Katharina Dinsmore ’19

Degree: BS

Major: Double major in Marketing and Management

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Current Employment: Business Development Representative at Focura

Student Involvement at JU: Member and captain of the women’s rowing team, the Female Athletic Representative for SGA, a member on the board of National Society of Leadership and Success, and a DCOB Student Ambassador

Involvement as Alumni: GOLD Phin Committee

Community Involvement: JU's Charter Day of Service

Favorite JU Memory: My favorite JU memory is being on the women’s rowing team Sophomore year and having a group of 25+ girls come together to accomplish our main goal of winning our Conference Championship and end up sweeping the competition in all 3 races.

Why GOLD Phin Society? I am very excited to be a part of the Gold Phin Committee and to have the opportunity to network and connect with my fellow JU alumni. I’m looking forward to all of the connections and friendships that are soon to come!

Matt Klenke ’14

Matt Klenke ’14

Degree: BS

Major: Business Admin/Finance

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Current Employment: Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley, Ponte Vedra Beach

Student Involvement at JU: Vice President Phi Delta Theta, College Republicans member, IFC Secretary, Admissions office assistant

Involvement as Alumni: GOLD Phin Society; GOLD Phin Committee

Community Involvement: ALS Association Volunteer, Habitat for Humanity, BookTrust Volunteer

Favorite JU Memory: Participating in Mock Rock during homecoming week was my favorite JU memory. Each fraternity and sorority was required to create a dance routine based on the homecoming theme. This was especially enjoyable as a freshman because even though the guys barely knew each other, we had to work together to create a winning routine. This created bonds and friendships I will forever cherish. We still talk about the good times we had the week leading up to as well as during the event.

Why GOLD Phin Society? I am looking forward to strengthening relationships between JU and both younger and older alumni. JU provided me an opportunity to pursue my current career and I want to pay that forward to the more recent graduates. I am excited to be both a mentor as well as a voice within the JU community.

Chris Moye

Chris Moye ’12


Degree: BBA

Major: Finance

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Current Employment: Senior Manager, Financial Services at Regency Centers

Student Involvement at JU: Baseball Team

Involvement as Alumni: GOLD Phin Society; GOLD Phin Committee

Community Involvement: Extensive volunteer experience with various organizations including but not limited to Habitat for Humanity, Junior Achievement, North Brooklyn Angels, and New Covenant Center

Favorite JU Memory: Qualifying for and playing in the 2011 Gainesville regional playoff tournament

Why GOLD Phin Society? The GOLD Phin Society is a great opportunity to connect with other like-minded alumni, add value to the University, and give back to the Jacksonville community.

Yeovanti Williams ’15

Yeovanti Williams ’15

Degree: BS

Major: Social Sciences

Hometown: Bunnell, FL

Current Employment: Center Supervisor, CSL Plasma

Student Involvement at JU: Football, Distinguished Black Gentlemen, DCOB Entrepreneurship Committee, and the Presidential Advisory Board

Involvement as Alumni: GOLD Phin Executive Committee

Community Involvement: Flagler County Mental Health Committee

Favorite JU Memory: Being petrified flying to an away game for the first time!

Why GOLD Phin Society? I got involved to reconnect with classmates, professors and mentors for a positive purpose. I'm looking to actively engage with campus activities and organizations to further develop a personal and professional network, and looking to bridge my current skill set and goals to my previous accomplishments.