Frequently Asked Questions

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​Is my gift to JU tax deductible?

Yes! Jacksonville University is qualified as a tax-exempt organization. Under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code, all gifts to the University are tax deductible. For the amount of your gift that you can deduct, please consult your tax advisor or the IRS website.

​How do I make sure my gift qualifies me for a tax deduction?

To have your gift counted in the current tax year, the envelope must be postmarked by December 31st and your check must be dated by December 31st. Online gifts are the easiest way to ensure your gift applies to the tax year. Gifts made on or before December 31st are included in the current tax year.

What is a matching gift, and how do I know if I qualify to have my gift matched?

To encourage philanthropic giving by their employees, many corporations will match dollar-for-dollar what the donor gives to a non-profit. To find out if your company matches gifts and how to have your gift matched, please check out our searchable database.

How do I make a gift?

Gifts are accepted many convenient ways. Check out our Ways to Give page for more details or call Chelsea at (904) 256-7167 to discuss your gift.

How do I make JU a part of my estate plan?

Visit our Planned Giving section for information, or you may contact Leslie Redd at (904) 256-7882​.

How do I update my address and contact information?

Alumni can update their alumni profile here so we can stay connected.

Parents and family members can submit our parent & family information form.

Donors, friends and fans can contact to ensure we have your updated contact information.

What if I don’t want to be contacted by the University?

We would hate to lose you as a member of the JU family; however, if you wish not to be solicited by the University, please write a note to the Office of University​ Advancement.