JU's Greatest Needs

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​Jacksonville University takes the bold steps needed to put your generous giving to work. No matter the size of your annual support, starting a wave of change begins with YOU.

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Changing lives by supporting JU's Greatest Needs

Greatest Needs 1 The JU’s Greatest Needs Fund is the primary means of support for JU. It fosters a tradition of giving back and gives alumni, students, parents, staff, faculty, and friends a way to pay it forward to future generations. Making a gift to JU’s Greatest Needs supports the university’s mission through scholarships, technology enhancements, student & campus life programs, and academic initiatives. Ultimately, the Greatest Needs Fund impacts every student and faculty member on campus. 

Collective giving. BIG impact.

Annual support to JU’s Greatest Needs is all about participation. It takes recurring gifts, no matter the size, from the entire Dolphin nation to propel JU into the future. Giving on an annual basis enhances student life programs and resources in a way that we can properly plan for. It also…

inspires innovationINSPIRES INNOVATION

Greatest Needs funds help inspire innovation by funding new and cutting-edge projects that the university could not have afforded otherwise. It allows us to go above and beyond our normal operating budget. 



builds trustBUILDS TRUST

Making a gift annually enhances collaboration and trust between the donor and JU. We want you to join us in our success story as it is happening. We promise to be good stewards of your money.



recruits the bestRECRUITS THE BEST

Greatest Needs funds allow us to present financial aid packages to top-tier students who otherwise could not afford a college education. In today’s job market, philanthropic support helps fund competitive professorships so we can recruit the talent our students deserve.


does the dirty workDOES THE DIRTY WORK

The JU’s Greatest Needs Fund supports very important but unpopular initiatives that other contributions do not go towards. Think landscaping, waste management, and repairs. It gives us the flexibility to respond to emergency needs during crises like hurricane relief or another pandemic. Annual funds provide operational support that we can count on like paying rent and keeping the lights on.

makes us proudMAKES US PROUD

Annual support maintains and improves facilities to ensure that JU is a place alumni, students, parents, and faculty can be proud to call their university. If JU’s future is enhanced, the value of YOUR degree will be enhanced as well. Giving back is not only beneficial for JU and the Dolphin family, but it’s a good thing to do. 

Why me?

If you have taken a class at JU, earned a degree, received a JU scholarship, enjoyed a play at Swisher Theatre, attended a public lecture on campus, visited the Phillips Fine Arts Gallery, or otherwise enjoyed any of JU's high-quality educational offerings, you have benefited from the generosity of those who contribute to JU's Greatest Needs. This fund is the foundation of all that we do.

You may ask, "Why do you need my gift with that big endowment?". Because every donor like you made that endowment possible. Every dollar we receive is invested in JU to give our students the best education possible. Greatness must start somewhere, and at JU, it starts with you. 

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