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As our team of experts continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, many Jacksonville University students continue to feel the financial strain with new and long-term obstacles like:

  • Lack of income from continued unemployment and reduced financial support from family members who have also lost their jobs,
  • Increased need to utilize services provided by our Student Wellness Center to manage emotional stress and mental wellness, and
  • Access to laptops, high-speed internet and new technology.

Your gift to the Nellie Student Support Fund will ensure an uninterrupted experience for our resilient, bright and determined students!

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JU Fans at Dolphin Plaza

Dolphin Dash is about being a part of a collective giving movement to make waves for the next generation of Jacksonville University students. Every gift large and small matters to help us make a big difference.

Join the movement and shape greater student futures by charging ahead of the next curve.

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JU Fans at Dolphin Plaza

Each year, Jacksonville University receives generous support from individuals and organizations. As a private university, we rely on the tradition of giving to provide excellence for our current and future students.

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Thanks to your generous philanthropy, ASPIRE has brightened our future. Our students now have the opportunity to flourish across academic disciplines, experience multiple campus upgrades and engage in enhanced programming. Just as the mighty oaks on campus grew from tiny acorns, our future is rooted in your philanthropy.

Relive the campaign and celebration!

Thank you for your continued support of Jacksonville University. The JU experience means something unique to each one of us. Whether you are a current student or graduated decades ago, a member of our beloved faculty or a fan of our arts and athletics, a proud parent or a dedicated staff member, you have personal reasons for believing in our educational mission.​

Jacksonville University depends on annual gifts to provide a quality private education and to enhance the JU experience. By giving each year, your investment brings life to the future of our University.

​The impact your gift can have cannot be overstated. All gifts help strengthen every aspect that creates the JU experience:

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