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Students posing in front of Jacksonvillle University sign.
President Tim Cost posing with Greek Challenge Winners at Dolphin Dash

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The JU experience means something unique to each one of us. Whether you are a current student or graduated decades ago, a member of our beloved faculty or a fan of our arts and athletics, a proud parent or a dedicated staff member, you have personal reasons for believing in our educational mission.

Jacksonville University depends on annual gifts to provide a quality private education and to enhance the JU experience. By giving each year, your investment brings life to the future of our University.

Support JUFUTURE. MADE. Campaign

The FUTURE. MADE. campaign represents Jacksonville University's core identity and mission: building a better future. It’s who we are and it’s what we do. This most ambitious fundraising initiative to date will transform students' lives for a better tomorrow. 5 distinct pillars support Jacksonville University’s efforts. Each is built on a solid foundation of an engaged community brought together by thoughtful actions. Pioneering with Purpose Unwavering Exploration Re-imagining Experiences Ready to Rise Forever for the Future The momentum at Jacksonville University is real and now is the time for you to make a lasting impact for today and tomorrow. To learn more about how you can get started, visit

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Even the biggest wave, a wave of untold strength, can be born from a single drop.

Drop after drop they give way to wave after glorious wave. Inspiration becomes investment, becomes impact.

This is how Jacksonville University is impacting the future of our students, our community: wave after thundering wave, we are leveraging cutting-edge resources to create a practically-minded curriculum driven by the promise of tomorrow. 

From the operating room to the courtroom, and from the boardroom to the locker room, our aspirations are as diverse as they are purposeful. By wearing down the most stubborn obstacles to growth we're setting a new precedent in higher education innovation and development, preparing students today for the in-demand careers of tomorrow.

But despite the depth of our vision and the clarity of our purpose, we cannot do it alone,

together we will take new ground, pioneer a new path…  drop after drop your contributions will compound creating wave after wave of impact. Your investments will inspire and empower future generations because the future is made together.

Jacksonville University FUTURE. MADE.

Who Benefits

At Jacksonville University, we strongly believe that education has the power to change lives and make a positive impact on the world. With your support and generosity, you can help us to make this belief a reality. By giving to JU, you can support scholarships that help deserving students achieve their dreams, groundbreaking research that can transform our understanding of the world, and programs that make a real difference in the lives of those who call Jacksonville home. Explore all of the areas you can support today!

Get PHINvolved!

Dolphin Dash

Dolphin Dash is Jacksonville University's Annual Giving Challenge where Dolphins across the globe Give Forward for a whole week in February. 

During Dolphin Dash, alumni, students, families, faculty, staff, friends and fans put Phins first — let’s push Jacksonville University further than ever before.

Dolphin Dash is about being a part of a collective giving movement to make waves for the next generation of Jacksonville University students. Every gift large and small matters to help us make a big difference.

Join the movement and shape greater student futures by charging ahead of the next curve.

Ways to contributeSupport JU

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Seth J. Rostker ’26 with Nursing professors

The support I've received at Jacksonville University has truly blessed me beyond measure. Thanks to the unwavering dedication of the Jacksonville University staff and its generous donors, I am empowered to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. This opportunity allows me to pay forward the same care and compassion I received during my times of need. I am deeply thankful for the countless number of opportunities I've been privileged to be a part of. All made possible by Jacksonville University's full commitment to its Dolphin Community. There is no other university I would want to be at instead of Jacksonville University.

Seth J. Rostker ’26Baccalaureate Student of Nursing

Dear JU Alumni

As alumni, you have the ability to make a difference in the lives of current Dolphins. You can provide the power of an education, and help students achieve their dream of earning a college degree.

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