Senior Class Gift

​​​​The class gift is a chance for seniors at JU to unite, give back to the university and leave a mark on campus to represent their class for future generations. The Class of 2015 is donating Brita Hydration Stations around campus. Learn more about the senior class gift by visiting the JU Senior Class 2015 Facebook page.


Thank you to everyone who contributes to the Senior Class Gift:​

​Zachary Alligood ​Jennifer D. Logsdon
​Alpha Delta Pi Sorority ​John L. Marshall
​Aluot Anei-Yor ​Jennifer C. Maxwell
​Anonymous Gift ​Zane A. Miller
​Tamara D. Atkins ​Seth D. Osenkarski
​Robert C. Ballard ​Gail E. Owens
​Jamie M. Bassett ​Roger Palmer
​William K. Baxley ​Anne M. Pinto
​Majeid Bidel-Niyat ​Pamela K. Prentice
​Brenda K. Bradley ​William M. Prentice
​Kirk A. Brennan ​Joseph R. Ramsey
​Gary D. Brose ​Patricia A. Reeves
​Danielle A. Brunson ​Kevin J. Reiter
​Ally F. Capriotti ​Christina Robb
​Beverly A. Cardinale ​David Roman
​Kevin M. Carr ​Larry Ruckel
​Cassandra Carter ​Anthony D. Ruscito
​Jessica Cataldo-Ramirez ​Chelsea L. Sanders
​John E. Christian ​Michael A. Schall
​Ashley Colon ​Terri C. Schmidt
Johanna P. Cotter​ ​Fidelia Schnarr
​Jacqueline O. Culver ​William S. Schoonover
​John Cunningham ​Victoria J. Seitz
​Eric M. Daniels ​Ellen Shank
​Tracy Davis ​Ciarra Slater
​Matthew R. Delk ​Hannah F. Snyder
​Nathan J. Diehl ​Samantha E. Strausbaugh
​Ryan J. Dougherty ​Alyssa M. Stubbs
​Al Emerick Productions, LLC ​Kaitlyn C. Tanner
​Lisa Farrell ​Kristine Viprino
​Maria L. Figuerado ​Olivia E. Wardle
​Renee J. Finley ​Radha D. Weeder
​Dale Flowers ​Sam Yasin
​Michael R. Freed
​Sally M. Futch
​Kevin W. Haga
​Kevin C. Hampton
​Adrienne Hartley
​Michael R. Howland
​Shaun M. Hysler
​Bobby A. Jacobs
​Charla M. Kibler
​Timothy D. Kornacki
​Krisan B. Lamberti
​Tanja Leiser

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