Senior Class Giving

​​​​The tradition of the senior class gift at JU swells from a culture of service and giving back that has become ingrained in our Dolphin DNA. The class gift gives soon-to-be alumni a chance to unite one last time as students to give back to the University that gave them so much, and to leave their mark on campus to represent their class for future generations.

The graduating Class of 2019 will be able to choose the campus program or area they are most passionate about and make a gift, leaving a philanthropic legacy behind. If graduating seniors choose to give a monthly recurring gift of $20.19 or more, they will automatically become a member of the GOLD Phin Society upon graduation.


You've likely seen many class gifts around campus without even knowing it - including the green and gold JU sculpture in the Green Street roundabout in front of Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences Building (c/o 2011) and some of our Brita Hydration Stations around campus (c/o 2015). Other classes have chosen to give back through gifts to their successors, through the Scholarship Fund or the Nellie Student Support Fund.

The class of 2018 did just that - they decided to pay it forward to future Dolphins by donating to the JU Scholarship Fund. Just as donors who supported their studies and helped them acheive their goals, now they have helped the next class do the same.

When making their class gift, students are encouraged to give their class year - so this year will be $20.19! Gifts can be made in honor of a student's favorite professor or coach, and parents are able to give in honor of their students as well.

Contact Jena Crews, Assistant Director of Engagement and Annual Philanthropy, at or (904) 256-7995 for more information or to contribute to your class gift.

20178 Balloons

Thank you to these students and parents who contributed to the 2018 Senior Class Gift:

  • Aaron Jennings
  • Agnes Jakes
  • Alana Fautley
  • Alysha Hart
  • Alyssa McCaskey
  • Anastasia K. Carr
  • Anastasia Price
  • Andrea Foschi
  • Andrew S. Zavat
  • Ashlyn Sparks
  • Bailey Flynn
  • Brandi N. Buie
  • Brian Robotham
  • Brian Shimasaki
  • Brittney E. Boggus
  • Carley Levy
  • Carolyn MacIsaac
  • Christopher Nichols
  • Claire McLenna
  • Cody Helgeland
  • Courteney Miller
  • Courtney Pippin
  • Cristina M. Finan
  • Daniel E. Koorbusch
  • Eileen Clark
  • Ejiroghene Mrabure
  • Erin Farrell
  • Forrest S. Elledge
  • Fred A. Blaz
  • Gabriel C. Gumbayan
  • Jacob M. Capistran
  • Jacqueline E. Bruno
  • Jasmine J. Byard
  • Jean Hougland
  • Jenefer Giraldo
  • Jessica L. Cartwright
  • Jessica Schwartz
  • Jessica Shipkowski
  • Julia Kimbrough
  • Katarina E. Waldrop
  • Kayla Gordon
  • Kelsy Waack
  • La'karis Salter
  • Lilian M. Wright
  • Logan Prichard
  • Mackenzie Swan
  • Mamie Lue C. Small
  • Matthew S. Brinker
  • Maxwell Hartong
  • Melinda Assi
  • Melissa Rogers
  • Micaela Hill
  • Misha M. Chalkley
  • Morgan K. Lambert
  • Nakita A. Boyd
  • Nicole F. Story
  • Pascal Y. Rathle
  • Paul Jackson
  • Rachel C. Aus
  • Roy Starr
  • Savannah R. Distin
  • Savannah Vereen
  • Sean Karpf
  • Shawn Ewert
  • Shawna E. Coram
  • Shelby Mickler
  • Shelby T. Babowicz
  • Sina Y. Bennett
  • Sulhay Abernathy
  • Summer L. Chatelain
  • Taylor E. Bailey
  • Tianna Sparks
  • Victor Hicks
  • Victoria L. Culverhouse
  • Zachary Smith