Q: What is the process for assigning roommates?
A: If a student knows someone they would like to room with, they can request each other as roommates at myroom.ju.edu.  Students who do not have confirmed roommates at the time of assignment will randomly be assigned a roommate.


Q: How is roommate compatibility determined?
A: During the housing application process, students will have the opportunity to choose to be randomly assigned a roommate or to be assigned based on a personality preferences questionnaire.


Q: Is there an automated speaker system for the campus?
A: The university does have an audible siren that can be activated for the campus.  If students hear this siren, they should check their cell phone or the university website for important information.

Q: Do students have JU email addresses?
A: All students have a university email address that is used when university officials are contacting students via email.  Students may also use this address for personal use.

Q: Does the University provide any group transportation for off-campus shopping or activities?
A: Yes, the university offers a shuttle service several weekends a month that takes students to Wal-Mart, St. Johns Town Center shopping mall, and the beach.


Q: Where can students store items they don't want to transport home over the summer?
A: We recommend locating a local self-storage vendor.  Several companies are available in the area surrounding campus. 


Q: What is the charge for losing a room key?
A: $55 per key


Q: Do students have to clean their own bathroom?
A: Yes, if you live in the Village Apartments, Oak Hall, or in any room with a private bathroom.  Communal bathrooms in North Hall and Williams Hall are cleaned by university housekeeping staff.

If you have any other questions not answered on this site, please email us at housing@ju.edu and we'll be happy to assist you.