Class of 2019

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Class Members

Marlys Adjevi 

Growing up I have always loved communicating and talking to others, I learned so much about people just by listening, and I fell in love with this career. I am currently working at Northwestern Mutual for a financial advisor but I received my undergraduate degree in Vocal Music Performance and Psychology at JU. I love the small class sizes and one-to- one interaction with my professors at JU and the fact that I am more than a number. I have been active in schools and churches within the community and after graduation, I hope to obtain my license, join the Peace Corps and travel to countries providing counseling for families and women around the world.


Jon Baugh

Jon received his undergraduate psychology degree from the University of North Florida in 1995.  Since then he has followed his passions in interesting directions, including information technology, psychology, and religion.  Dedicated to community involvement, he has served many roles in the church, as well as volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and Mission House in Jacksonville Beach.  Jon is an ordained pastor and hopes to serve as a hospital or hospice chaplain when he finishes his counseling degree.  Currently Jon is Jacksonville University employee as a programmer analyst.  Jon is committed to the CMHC program here at JU and especially to the range and depth of experience and education of the instructors, as well as the incredible opportunities for internships and public service.


Daniele Bourbon

Daniele graduated from the University of West Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. The JU Mental Health and Counseling program appealed to me because of the hybrid layout. Being able to maintain a full-time job is necessary and this program gives me the opportunity to succeed in work and in my education. I feel confident in my professors and their knowledge to learn and grow from them.  I have been involved with youth centers and I look forward to building more connections with the community.  I am working at a coffee shop that allows me to build relationships with the public. I would like to pursue a career as a victim advocate for abused women and children. Due to life experiences, I am motivated to assist those who need help fighting against their abusers. 


Rabiah Burk

I have a BA in Communications/Public Relations from UNF. I chose the JU CMHC program because of the strong academic reputation and leadership of Dr. Wilburn, as well as the institutional culture of JU.  What I like about this program is the holistic, open-minded, approach to education. The collaborative value of the cohort model will allow me to be a student and a teacher at the same time. After 20 years of building relationships, the natural progression is to choose a graduate degree that focuses on mental wellness counseling.  I am a real estate broker specializing in matching homebuyers & sellers with Realtors who fit their specific needs and personalities. The JT Townsend Foundation, Funk/Zitiello Champions for Hope golf event, Angels of Fashion, and the B.E.A.M.  Fundraiser are some community activities. My goal is to counsel youth suffering from parental alienation, I recognize this may change through the experience of the first year.


Danita Byrd

I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts /Mass Media. I decided to pursue a degree with JU because I like the idea of the cohort and experiencing the program with a group of like-minded people who will eventually be my professional colleagues in the industry. The best part of the program is the flexibility and combination of online courses and physical classes. I am choosing a career in counseling to help facilitate healthy and positive communication in families that will be passed on to generations to come. I currently work for an Insurance company in Mental Health Managed Care. I have devoted countless volunteer hours to organizations in Georgia with a focus on Autism research and special needs medical insurance. After graduation I would like to pursue, a career in Private Practice focused on Marriage and Family Therapy.


Gina Carlton

Gina graduated from JU in 2017 with Bachelors in Social Science with minors in Psychology, Sociology and Management.  I am excited for the opportunity to continue my education here at JU in the CMHC program.  I like that this program is in the early years of formation and that our cohort is a diverse group of individuals.  The selection process for this program is geared more towards the individual as a whole, rather than solely on academic achievements.  This demonstrates the faculty’s desire to find students driven by a passion for the field of mental wellness, and committed to making a difference in the community, while reaching an educational milestone.  I am currently a Legal Assistant for a litigation firm in Jacksonville.  My goal is work with military service members suffering from PTSD.  I feel compelled to give back to those who carry the unseen scars that have resulted from their service to our country.


Lisa Dasher

Lisa Dasher is the owner of Jacksonville Family Mediation. She is a Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and member of the Florida Bar. She is a volunteer Guardian Ad Litem and served on the Board of Directors of Three Rivers Legal Services and Jacksonville Women Lawyers Association. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Criminology from The Florida State University and her Juris Doctorate from Florida Coastal School of Law. Ms. Dasher choose Jacksonville University because her practice is rooted in her home town of Jacksonville. As a mediator, she works with families in conflict and mental health training will allow her to expand her knowledge and skills to better assist families in their time of crisis.


Steven Delre

My undergraduate degree is in Resource Management that I achieved while serving as a logistics manager in the U.S. Air Force.  Someone I admire and who believes highly in the abilities of Dr. Wilburn to create a perfect program suggested the JU program to me.  I feel the best part of the program is faculty have different experiences and will make a better learning environment.  I work with LifeShare as a Crisis Intervention Specialist.  My position allows me to help members transfer from an in-patient psychiatric unit back into the community. I am also part of an on-call mobile crisis team.  I have coordinated, instructed and help collaborate with the Florida Sheriff’s Association to bring the Crisis Intervention Training to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office.  I would love to work with military and law enforcement.  I feel this is one of the largest problems facing both those career fields and both severally neglected due to stigma and the alpha mentality.   



Asia Queenandi Hilliard

Asia graduated from UNF with my undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and minor in Professional Education. I wanted to attend the JU CMHC program because I really enjoy Jacksonville and I want to become more involved in the community. At JU, the staff and students are friendly and you can build close, valuable and personal relationships. I chose to pursue a career in CMHC after completing my undergraduate internship with DCF. As I worked along with the Child Protective Investigators, I got the chance to get involved with a lot of the people and network with many organizations. I was introduced to many parents and children with mental health conditions it helped me to realize my true passion. I am Case Manager (Social Worker) with the agency Neighbor to Family. My community activities create opportunities for me to work with homeless shelters, clothing drives, food drives, foster care families and anyone in need. After graduation, I hope to pursue becoming a licensed counselor, obtain a career position in the field, move forward in school, and obtain my PhD.


Suzanne Hinkel

I graduated from the University of Las Vegas, Nevada with two undergraduate degrees- B.S. in Criminal Justice and a BA in Psychology. The availability of a hybrid Master’s program at JU was what caught my interest. Further research into what the program entails and how the hybrid program works met all of my needs as a student and made the decision to apply an easy one. My desire to work in a field that assists individuals with mental health issues stemmed from being in the military and seeing the PTSD crisis first hand. I currently work from home as the Unit Medical Readiness coordinator for my Army Reserves unit. Over the last 10 years, I have been involved in many community activities and charity programs representing the US Army. I also volunteer with the Down Syndrome Organization of Southern Nevada. I hope to pursue a career path working with incarcerated individuals that have mental health disorders.


Linda Hubbard

I currently have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Business.  I chose JU because of the flexibility offered, I appreciate the ability to complete classes online and in the classroom environment.  The best thing about the program is the experience, dedication, and concern the faculty shows toward students and mental wellness as a whole.   I chose this career to give back to my community, to assist others in the healing process, and to help others live healthier more fulfilled lives I am currently enlisted in the US Navy. I have been involved in different community activities but am currently volunteering at UF North Hospital and Beaches Habitat for Jacksonville.  Upon completion of this program, I will continue to seek education in this field and work with veterans and military dependents. 



Philip Justice

I currently work at Mayo Clinic as an Assistant Desk Supervisor.   I am a member of the 2017 Clinical Mental Health Counseling cohort.  I have two Bachelor degrees, first in Business Management, and then in Health Administration.  I choose to come to Jacksonville University due to the convenience of having a school in the same city that I live in. I love the fact that the program offers dual licensure in Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy.  After graduation, I hope to pursue becoming licensed in Sex Therapy as well as Hypnotherapy.  I want to work in a practice where I can work with non-traditional couples and families find the compassion and non-judgmental help they need.



Bilal Kosovac

I hold an undergraduate degree in Sociology. The reason I chose this program is that my goal is to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I like many different things about this program including, the faculty, professors, and most importantly it fits perfect with my work schedule. I chose to pursue a career in mental health counseling because I love working with children. I would love to help children that suffer from several of mental illnesses. I am currently a tutor and mentor at Terry Parker High School. I have done many internships: Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department, Arlington Community Garden, and Communities in Schools. I plan to pursue my doctorate after I complete my Master’s program.



Brondrick Linnear 

My undergraduate degree is in Business with a concentration in Human Resource Management. The prestige of JU, coupled with the tenure and notoriety of Dr. Wilburn, is why I chose the JU CMHC program. What I like most is the duality of the program, which incorporates the marriage and family therapy curriculum. My spirit-man was quickened; thus, I believe God led me to this path. I am the Associate Director of Admissions at Keiser University. I taught at Project SOS and became a marriage coach at The Hope Weekend, for the "Live the Life Organization". Currently I am the Director of the PUSH Project. (Positive Unity Strengthening Homes) My passion/goal is to become a licensed marriage and family therapist and clinical mental health counselor.



Justine Lowry

From my undergraduate studies, I received a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and Sociology. I choose to stay at JU because I had such an incredible experience here in my last 4 years. JU is one of a kind in hands on and personalized learning and I could not think of anywhere else I would want to be to expand my education. I actually love it here in JAX, I am originally from California, but there is just so many opportunities in a city that I would have to travel very far for back in CA. After graduation want a career in trauma counseling, I think it is a very noble and interesting field that could use more people and attention. I just finished my summer job as a camp counselor, leading teenagers in a Counselor in Training program.


Selena Maddox

I have my undergraduate degree is Elementary Education. I chose the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Degree because I am passionate about helping others to become/remain mentally stable in order to have a more enjoyable life. The best thing I like about the program is I only have to attend classes one day per week. This works well for me. I chose to pursue a career in this area because I feel I will be a great asset to the community due to my strong desire/concern for the mental welfare of others. I am currently a fourth grade ELA teacher at Bayview Elementary. The community project I am doing now is volunteering with the youth department at the church I attend, West Jacksonville Church of God in Christ. After graduation I hope to open my own practice counseling troubled teens and couples.


Anne Pinto

I received my undergraduate degree from Jacksonville University with a double major in Psychology and Sociology, and when I heard about the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at JU, I was immediately drawn to the program and wanted follow my niche and expand my skills into counseling. I am expanding my knowledge of what Jacksonville holds in terms of counseling careers and Jacksonville’s needs as far as maintaining a positive community. I also recently finished a RYT-200 Registered Yoga Teacher training which gives me skills in order to develop my students into introspective and nourished beings. I am currently working as a GA in the Student Life office at JU as their Student Activities GA. I oversee and advise the student programming board, Dolphin Productions.


Allie Reed

I graduated from Flagler College with my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a Sociology minor. I chose this program because I have always loved the mental health field and aspired to become a counselor. I like that this program has small cohorts and class sizes, allowing for strong rapport between professors and students. I chose to pursue a career in this field because I have always had a knack for working with others and offering a listening ear along with sound insight. I worked at CHANGE, Inc. for the last year and a half, an organization in Westminster, MD that serves developmentally disabled adults. After graduating, I hope to pursue a career as a school-based counselor and continue serving individuals with developmental disabilities.


Ashley Reynolds

My name is Ashley Reynolds and I graduated from the University of North Florida with a BA in Psychology. I chose to further my education at Jacksonville University because I want to be a part of the ambitious culture. I love that the CMHC program offers the versatility of obtaining both Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy licensure. Growing up I saw children and families that needed guidance and support in the town that I grew up in and it always made me try to help those in need. I am currently an Associate Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual. After graduation, I would love to work in a nonprofit organization while moving towards obtaining my PhD in hopes of owning my own practice.



Sydney Reynolds

Sydney received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology at Jacksonville University in April 2017. I chose this JU program because I wanted to continue volunteering in my community with at-risk youth while receiving an advanced degree. The small cohorts will allow me to form stronger bonds with my colleagues and the internship opportunities are substantial. I want to pursue a career in Mental Health Counseling to learn more about myself and guide others to do the same. Sydney works at Baker Re-Entry Center as a Re-Entry Technician and I teach my clients betterment classes such as anger management and parenting. After graduation, I hope to bring my education to the community as a police officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office."


Leslie Roditti

My undergraduate degree is in psychology from Flagler College. JU was my choice because the classes offered seem interesting and the small class size is reassuring that I will get to build relationships with my peers and professors. The staff are welcoming; they could answer all my questions, and helped me feel comfortable in choosing the next step in my education career. I want to pursue this career path because I want to guide the youth to a healthy life style and hope for the future. Currently I am a nurse’s assistant in the pediatric intensive care unit at Wolfson Children's Hospital. After graduation, I hope to be a counselor at a juvenile dentation center or in a pediatric behavioral health unit in a hospital setting.


Katrina N. Witt

I received my BA in Communication in 2007 from Western CT State University.  I have been working in the mental health field for the last ten years and would like to continue my education with a university that can give me the best possible graduate experience.  I have heard great things about the faculty here at JU and the campus is beautiful.  What I like best about this particular program is the variety of courses offered and the ability for dual licensure after graduation. The reason I chose to pursue a career in this area is that I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals and finding balance and satisfaction in their lives. I am currently working for Agency for Community Empowerment where I am managing a psychosocial rehabilitation program. My goal is to incorporate a holistic approach into the program that includes teaching about meditation, yoga, deep-breathing exercises as well as explore the role of spirituality, physical exercise and nutrition in mental health and wellness. Some community work I have been involved in include volunteer work at a local horse ranch and incorporating life skills training for people with disabilities into the work with the horses.  After graduation, my goal is to open a private practice (after becoming licensed), specialize in equine and animal-assisted therapy, or run a wellness/counseling center.


Erica Wynn

My undergraduate degree was Psychology with a minor in sociology at University of North Florida. As a working, single mother, I choose to obtain my Master's at Jacksonville University for its appealing, flexible cohort structure. JU provides a family oriented environment that will be a supportive backbone during the program. I choose psychology to become a therapist. My passion is to work with adolescents. Growing up as a troubled adolescent myself, I want to provide that help to someone that I feel may have bettered me growing up. I currently work at a bank that also allows me to help people. I also work with a ministry at my church that provides services to the community. After graduation, my goal is to become a licensed therapist. I do not have a specific location. I just want to be educated and available for wherever my skill can be used.