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Military Panel

Counseling Military Families Class Features Community Resource Panel for Veterans 

Photo: Doug Troxtell (NAS), Amy Decker (Red Cross), David Kennett (Yellow Ribbon), John Hugus (Hospice Chaplain/Ret Military Chaplain), Heather Clavette (Wounded Warrior Project), Nichole Ricketts (Wounded Warrior Project), Jennifer Butler (Veteran, Counselor Memorial Hospital), Jeff Robertson and Mary Maszy (Career Development Consultant Group), Shaun Powell (veteran recipient of services, Compass MP), Julio Quinones (veteran recipient of services, Wounded Warrior Project).


Jacksonville University’s Mental Health Counseling Master’s Program offers a unique class in Counseling Military Families - so pertinent to prepare counselors to serve in our military community. This photo, taken at the last class meeting hosted by Dr. Wagoner, is the panel of visiting counselors, resource providers, and recipients of assistance serving in the Jacksonville community. The group consists of retired officers and enlisted veterans and represents Naval Air Station substance abuse program, American Red Cross Resiliency Programs, Career Development Consultant Group, Wounded Warrior Project, Yellow Ribbon Program, Compass MP, Community Hospice of Northeast Florida chaplaincy (retired military chaplain), private practice counselors, and two individuals who have benefited from veteran assistance via Operation New Uniform. The intent is to provide a beginning of networking for veterans accessible for this graduating class, and, also, to begin promoting continuing education, seminars, and conferences for Jacksonville mental health and resource providers to better equip them for effective work with veterans and their families. We are proud to have 3 veterans in this graduating class.

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