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Skyler Miller shares "How to Find Outside Scholarships."

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Hello, everybody. I hope you’re having a good day so far. Today I’m gonna be talking about scholarships and how you yourself can create a more free education. So $17,550 dollars. That’s the amount of outside scholarships I got that’s not counting institutional or any government aid, this is purely outside. That’s quite a big chunk of money. For JU that’s about $45,000 tuition for room and board.

Okay so my name is Skyler Miller, as I said, I am a concert pianist at JU. I’m a freshman and I’ve been performing on the piano for over thirteen years and I’m also from the Sarasota, FL area. It’s a very artistic area so I was able to get a lot of music scholarships from there, but I also have some national scholarships and some that are just in Florida.

So the most important thing to finding any scholarship is Google. It’s really gonna help you get through this, you can just search in lots of different key terms and it’ll help you find the exact scholarships that you want. Some of these for me, I would use Jacksonville piano scholarships, Jacksonville music scholarships, or just scholarships in general. You can really fine tune it to whatever you’re looking for or just broaden that and make it a more expanded scholarship.

There’s lots of places you can look for these scholarships. You can look at the Jacksonville University website, there’s a lot of scholarships on there, including other university websites. I did that for all the places that I was applying to. They have a large list of different scholarships, ranging from majors for national or just for certain areas. Then also big companies like Walmart, McDonald’s, Burger King, most likely have a scholarship program and they give out a lot of money.

You really need to stay organized when you’re doing this because if you lose track, it kind of just goes downhill. So it’s really important to have what I did is I had a scholarship folder where I had on one side a completed section and then an incomplete section. For each of those scholarships, I would write out all of the things that I needed to do and cross them off one by one. That way before I sent out all of the scholarships, I had a checklist before I sent out all the scholarships to make sure that I had everything that I needed.

So one of the most important parts of a scholarship application is the scholarship essays. It most likely going to be why do you believe you’re worthy of receiving the scholarship and what are your plans for the future. This is just kind of a sample essay if you’d like to read through it. The most important part of the essay is truly selling yourself in as few words as possible because they have lots of scholarship applications that these people read through. You want to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward and you are telling them why you deserve this, because that’s the most important part if you focus on your honors, your GPA, anything substantial, you should be able to talk about that and show them that you’re worthy of it.

So it’s a little blurry but this is what I used to organize all of my scholarships. It’s an Excel spreadsheet. Right here you have the scholarship name, right here is the due date that it would have been sent out that was making sure that I had them out at the right time, and these are the dates that I sent the actual scholarship out to make sure that I didn’t send a double or anything over. Over here I put down the award amount if it was known at the time. Then the ones that are highlighted in green are the ones that I did receive. I applied for 37 scholarships last year, my senior year, and out of all those, I believe I got 12 or 13. It’s about a 33%, I guess acceptance rate, so if you, yourself, just apply to like 4 scholarships, you have a good GPA, strong essays, you’re more than likely to get at least 1 of them. Any bit really counts in this.

The best part about some of these scholarships are that you can apply the first year as a Senior in high school and then you can continue to apply for them every year after that. These are just a few of them that I do. Not all of them are going to be renewable or be available to you again but a lot of them still are and you can always search for more.

So this is a list of all of the outside scholarships that I received. A lot of them as you can tell are art scholarships but I have some like that’s a bank, a lot of Community Foundation’s really help support the community with scholarships. If you ever feel worried that you may not qualify for a scholarship just go ahead and submit the application anyway because if no one happens to apply for that you can still get it. The Pi Beta Beta Foundation, I technically wasn’t supposed to apply for it but because they had no recipients they chose me because I had no one else to go for it.

So here’s my financial aid. From government aid I got $10,971 and then from the outside as I already stated is the $17,550 and adding that it’s about almost $30,000. The total cost of attendance here at JU is $45, 790. So as you can see there’s just a little bit more to cover and most likely the institutional scholarships can help merge that in between section.

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Scholarship Opportunities

Institutional Scholarships

Experiential Learning for Life Scholarship

The Experiential Learning (EL) office is offering ten scholarships to support Experiential Learning in the following areas: Study Abroad and Away/Away, Undergraduate Research and Internships. Scholarships are intended to foster post-graduate preparation for traditional undergraduate students pursuing their Experiential Learning Options. Learn more here. Application deadline is Tuesday, February 28, 2023.

Outside Scholarships

Jacksonville University publicizes information from various businesses, foundations, and civic organizations about scholarships they offer to students. The University is not affiliated with these groups and does not endorse their products or services. Never pay a fee to apply for a scholarship. We do our best to investigate all scholarships listed on our webpage, but we encourage you to be diligent in protecting your personally identifiable information. The links are active at the time the information was received. If you find a link not working, please try to search by the name of the scholarship and also alert our office.

Below is a sample format letter for inquiring about private student aid funds or for applying for outside scholarships. You must first identify foundations, companies, or agencies that offer assistance, and then submit according to any guidelines they provide well in advance of their published deadlines.

Sample Scholarship Inquiry Letter

Many of the scholarships listed below have rolling deadlines. Please check their websites for current information.



Other Resources

We have a video with tips on securing outside scholarships that we are sharing for our students to have access to.  Skyler Miller is a current Jacksonville University student who was gracious enough to share this information with us.

How to Create a Cheaper Education by Skyler Miller

Public Health Online

Resources for public health and healthcare careers and education — scholarship and financial aid guide for students seeking out degrees in Public Health and other Healthcare specialties. We found that it can be difficult for these students to locate specific consolidated resources for scholarships and financial aid that are specific to their major/concentration. Our guide provides unique value by helping students identify health related scholarship opportunities across several health categories by a variety of sources in one easy-to-use page.

College Affordability for Minority Students

This guidebook is dedicated to helping minority students navigate the often-challenging issues of financial aid, scholarships, and college affordability. Titled "Scholarships, Grants, and Financial Aid for Minority Students", includes expert advice and resources in key cost-related areas, including but not limited to:

  • An extensive and organized list of minority scholarship opportunities
  • Scholarships and grants for several minority categories including African-Americans, Women, LGBT and more
  • Financial aid resources
  • Information about often overlooked fellowships and grants
  • Additional helpful resources

Learn more at their website.

Company Corporation Business Plan Contest

The prize is $1,000 and is awarded four times per year. The scholarship is geared at young entrepreneurs and business majors but is open to students in any field at both the undergraduate or graduate level. To enter, students must submit an original business plan (it can be something they created for a class, as long as it is their own work). You can learn more about the scholarship and enter here.

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