Financial Aid Rights & Responsibilities

Your Rights

As a financial aid recipient, you have a right to:

  • Receive courteous service from the financial aid staff
  • Be provided timely and accurate service
  • Be provided information about your financial aid application
  • Confidentiality concerning your application as guaranteed in the Federal Right and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Your Responsibilities

As a financial aid recipient, you have the responsibility to:

  • Supplying complete and accurate information on which we base your eligibility for aid. If circumstances change, students must inform the financial aid office.
  • Update information on your FAFSA.
  • Completing entrance counseling before you receive your first loan disbursement
  • Use the aid offered for educationally related expenses.
  • Reporting and updating mail and email addresses.
  • Reporting third party benefits such as VA or outside scholarships.
  • Understanding Jacksonville University's Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • Interacting with the financial aid office staff in a courteous manner.
  • Reading the contents of the Jacksonville University's financial aid website and following instructions for aid acceptance, loan entrance counseling, and loan promissory notes.
  • Completing exit counseling about loan repayment when you graduate or leave the university.
  • Repay any loan you receive.
  • Understand that if you receive a full scholarship (from Jacksonville University or outside sponsorships), you will be limited to direct costs and your JU award will be reduced and/or eliminated by any state, federal or outside gift aid you receive.
  • Understand that changes in enrollment (up or down) can affect your financial aid eligibility. You should consult with a financial aid counselor before making any changes to your enrollment.

Our Responsibilities

As a participant in the Federal Direct Loan Program, Jacksonville University processes federal loans directly through the federal government. Jacksonville University is committed to the following best practices with respect to private loans:

  • The University will not enter into any revenue-sharing arrangement with any lender.
  • The University and its employees whose work relates to financial aid will not solicit any gift and will not accept any gift of more than a de minimus value from student loan companies, guaranty agencies, or loan servicers.
  • The University will not assign a borrower's loan to a particular lender or refuse or delay certification of a loan based on a borrower's selection of a lender or servicer.
  • The University will not request or accept from any lender an offer for student loan funds, including funds for an opportunity pool loan, in exchange for a promise of a certain number of loans or a specified loan volume.
  • The University will not allow employees of student loan companies to staff its Financial Aid office or to answer student or parent calls.
  • University employees whose work relates to financial aid will not accept any fee, stipend, honorarium, or other payment to consult for or provide services to a lender guaranty agency or loan servicer.
  • University employees whose work relates to financial aid may serve on an advisory board, commission, or group established by a lender, guarantor, or group of lenders or guarantors. University employees who serve on an advisory board, commission, or group established by a lender, guarantor, or group of lenders or guarantors will not accept anything of value (other than reimbursement for reasonable expenses) for such service.

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