HandshakeThe mission of the Controller's Department is to provide and promote the highest standards of accounting and financial reporting services to meet the business needs of the students, faculty, staff and service providers of Jacksonville University in a pleasant, professional and efficient manner.

The Controller's Office is responsible for administering the financial policies and procedures of the University, with the exception of financial aid and scholarship policies and procedures.

We are responsible for preparation of the University's audited financial statements as well as financial and tax reports to several government agencies including the Internal Revenue Service. The Controller's Office maintains the general ledger and provides information and on-line inquiry to assist departments in monitoring their budgets and accounts.

We review/approve salary and non salary expenditures in accordance with the University's budget, policies and procedures. Our office is responsible for accounting and reporting for grants and contracts, endowments, and fixed assets and equipment.

The Controller's Office is located in the Howard Administration building on the second floor.  The cashier's, bursar's, and student accountant offices are located on the first floor in the Financial Services area.

Our contact information:
Jacksonville University Controller's Office
2800 University Boulevard North
Jacksonville, Florida 32211-3394     

Phone: 904-256-7080   /    Fax: 904-256-7206  

Following are the departments within the Controller's Office:
Accounts Payable, Bursar's Office, Cashier's Office, Collections/Student Loans and Payroll

Members of the Controller's Office staff include:
Our Controller, Liza Mullins, oversees all the activities performed by the staff of the Controller’s Office. The door is always open to students and parents.

Student Services: Heather Bratcher, Kelli Merza, Michael Bryant, Teresa Brancato and Vivian Waters

General Accounting Staff: Carol Fountain, Carol Nettles, Chip Morris, Christine Downs, Diane Leake, Gladys Gabriel, Liza Mullins, Lori Confroy, Marina Yusupov, Roger Palmer, Ryan Ertel, Tolu Adewale and Tresa Landa