Virtual Groups

The Student Counseling Center offers groups that meet weekly (virtually), in which students select a relevant topic, and have the chance to share about their perspectives and experiences, learn and practice new skills, and gain insight from their peers. To join a group, fill out an Appointment Request Form and select the "Group Work" service option, or talk with your current SCC counselor.

Emotional Wellness Group

Tuesdays 11:00am-12:00pm

This group is designed to support students experiencing stress, anxiety, and/or depression. In each session, students will select a relevant topic to discuss as a group, and will learn and practice skills to better manage mood, emotions, and behavior. In this group setting, students have the benefit of connecting with peers who are going through similar experiences, and practicing new skills in a safe, supportive space.

Examples of topics: Healthy coping, Understanding depression/anxiety, Adjustment, Identity

Maintenance & Resilience Group

Tuesdays 1:30pm-2:30pm

This group is designed to provide support to students who have recently engaged in therapy, and would like to continue working on maintaining their mental health and fostering resilience. In each session, students will select a relevant topic to discuss as a group, and have the opportunity to share about their personal progress, learn additional skills, and gain insight from other group members. 

Examples of topics: Refining coping skills, Support, Relapse prevention, Boundaries

Virtual Workshops

The Student Counseling Center offers virtual educational workshops on a variety of topics. These are intended to provide students with skills, resources, and activities to gain a greater understanding of yourself, others, and the world around you, and learn how to live a happy and fulfilling life here at JU and beyond. You do not need to be a current client of the SCC to attend these workshops, and there is no ongoing commitment. You may register for an entire workshop series, or select just one at a time. Click the button below to view more details and register for an upcoming workshop. You will receive Zoom links after registration. 

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Health & Wellness Series

Stress Less: Gain an understanding of stress – where it comes from, its purpose, what it looks like – and what you can do to respond to stress healthily and effectively. You’ll learn how to restructure your thoughts, practice mindfulness, and engage in calming and relaxation techniques to help you stress less and thrive in your life as a college student and beyond.

Wednesday, 9/15 @3pm-4pm | Wednesday, 10/13 @3pm-4pm | Wednesday, 11/10 @3pm-4pm

Using Your Strengths: Use the VIA Character Strengths Survey to do a deep dive into harnessing the power of personal strengths in your life as a college student. You’ll identify your own top strengths, explore how they impact all the different areas of your life, and create a goal for growing and maximizing your strengths in your everyday life.

Friday, 9/3 @10am-11am | Friday, 10/1 @10am-11am | Friday, 10/29 @10am-11am

Performance Enhancement Series

*For student athletes and high performers

Managing Energy: It takes a lot of energy to be a student athlete/high performer, both day-to-day and during performance opportunities. Learning how to manage energy in both situations is necessary to reach peak performance. This workshop will cover the “dolphin method” of day-to-day energy management and the Yerkes-Dodson Law for performance opportunities.

Friday, 9/10 @11am-12pm

Handling Performance Anxiety: Student athletes/high performers sometimes feel anxious before important practice or performance opportunities. While some anxiety can be helpful, too much anxiety can decrease performance. This workshop will cover the ins and outs of performance anxiety, including strategies to manage it.

Friday, 9/24 @11am-12pm

Overcoming Injury: Injury is a difficult challenge to overcome for many student athletes and takes just as much mental strength as physical strength. This workshop will cover the challenges of having an injury and the mental skills that will make injury recovery easier, including mindset, mindfulness, visualization, and goal-setting.

Friday, 10/8 @11am-12pm

Growing Confidence: Student athletes/high performers sometimes struggle with confidence due to being over-challenged, transitioning to a new competitive level, having a “slump” when growth is not occurring, focusing on mistakes, and/or comparing to others. This workshop will cover strategies to increase confidence including balancing feedback, setting goals, monitoring self-talk, and managing unhelpful thoughts.

Friday, 10/22 @11am-12pm

Changing Your Mindset: Student athletes/high performers sometimes adopt a mindset that interferes with training and performance opportunities. However, using a growth mindset can improve performance outcomes. This workshop will cover growth and fixed mindsets, and strategies to cultivate a growth mindset more often.

Friday, 11/5 @11am-12pm