Graduate Training

Graduate Training

The Student Counseling Center is a clinical training site for graduate student interns completing their Master’s level of study in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Interns primarily engage with students through individual counseling services, and also have the opportunity to collaborate in specialized treatment options, utilize assessments, interact with other on-campus offices, engage in outreach events, or other activities based on the intern's areas of interest. 

Interns are accepted as a valued member of both the SCC staff and the larger Division of Student Affairs. We see interns as contributing to our staff by increasing our diversity, introducing us to new ideas, and helping us sharpen our skills in clinical supervision. In return, our mission is to provide interns with a comprehensive experience that serves to enhance their clinical skills and professional identity. As such, interns can expect to receive at least two hours of supervision each week from the licensed clinicians at the SCC, and ongoing support and training from staff.

The SCC currently has established Affiliate Agreements with Jacksonville University (JU), University of North Florida (UNF), and University of Florida (UF). We are open to additional partnerships, if requested in advance.

Specialized Tracks

We currently offer six different specialized tracks for interns:

Athletics Includes work with student athletes providing individual therapy, performance enhancement (in individual or group settings), outreach to teams, coach/staff consultation and training, and support for social media initiatives.
Diversity/Inclusion Includes staff training opportunities, partnering with the Student Inclusion Center, individual therapy with culturally diverse clients, joining committees, and leading workshops on diversity-related topics.
Community Engagement Includes co-teaching opportunities, providing psychoeducation to the JU community, workshop planning and facilitation, social media and marketing content creation, and collaboration with other campus departments/organizations on a variety of mental health and wellness topics.
Military/Veterans/ROTC   Includes work with our military populations in individual therapy, providing outreach events and psychoeducational workshops to our military students, participating in military orientation, providing HeartMath Biofeedback in the military Defenders Den area, consulting with the Student Veterans Association, and supporting staff trainings/professional development on working with military students.
Career Counseling Includes opportunities to gain experience in career counseling and provide assessments including administration and feedback on interests, abilities, values assessments to make academic and career decisions, meeting with students (in individual or group settings) to help them better understand themselves (strengths/weaknesses) and determine a suitable major and profession, and helping students learn of career fields that best fit their skills, interests, and academic majors.
Generalized Counseling Includes primarily providing individual therapy for clients with a diverse variety of presenting concerns, focusing on gaining experience in intake assessment, crisis intervention, consultation with faculty, staff, and parents, professional development staff trainings, and center operations and management.


If you are interested in this opportunity, please click the gold button below to access our Practicum/Internship Application. You will be asked upload a cover letter, résumé, and contact information for three references. Please let us know your available days/times for an interview when uploading your application. If you have an interest in any of the above-mentioned training areas or any other additional interests, please state these in your cover letter. 

Practicum/Internship Application

To inquire about internship opportunities, contact the Clinical Training Coordinator, Dr. Jennifer Weldon, at