The Student Counseling Center provides the following resources for our JU community to use in the process of personal development. While we aim to collect resources that are credible and evidence-based, we do not assume responsibility for the information provided on these sites. These resources are not intended as a substitute for counseling, but may help guide you in your journey of self-awareness and personal growth. If you have questions about any of these topics, please contact the SCC or bring the material to your next session with your counselor.


The mental health self-screener is a convenient online tool that can help you identify problems you may be experiencing that are affecting your thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. It does not provide a diagnosis, but does provide information on mental health conditions that may affect you, and how to reach out for help.

Access the self-screener

VIA Character Strengths Survey

The VIA (Values in Action) Institute identified 24 distinct character traits that apply worldwide and across cultures. Every person has all 24 strengths, with different natural tendencies towards certain ones. This free, 15-minute survey helps identify which values are strongest for you, which you can then use to reflect on how to maximize these to help you live your best life. You may complete this on your own, or bring your results in to the SCC to process with a counselor. 

Learn about the 24 VIA character strengths

Take the VIA Character Strengths Survey

WE Well-being Playbook

The WE Well-being Playbook is a hands-on guide filled with everyday tools and actions to nurture your own mental well-being and the well-being of others. It contains practical, fun tips applicable to daily life, which are drawn from the best available evidence and cutting-edge science. Work through one chapter or section at a time to hone your wellness and get your physical and mental health in tip-top shape. 

WE Well-being Playbook (COVID-19 Edition)


List of 23 Mental Health Books from SELF

List of 10 Mental Health Books from Very Well Mind

List of Books by Brené Brown, researcher and storyteller about vulnerability and shame


The Power of Vulnerability: TED Talk by researcher and storyteller Brené Brown.

Kati Morton: Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who creates educational mental health content on YouTube.

SciShow Psych: YouTube videos about the human brain and how we humans interact with the world.