HeartMath Biofeedback



The Student Counseling Center offers training in using HeartMath, which is a science-based biofeedback technology that is proven to increase inner balance and self-security. HeartMath Inner Balance devices pair with your mobile device via bluetooth to help you gain awareness of stress within your body in order to regulate your physical responses. This may be useful for things like reducing anxiety, enhancing performance, improving sleep, and more. HeartMath devices are available for check-out for 30 days at a time, with the support of a counselor at the SCC. 

To find out more information about HeartMath, visit https://www.heartmath.com.

Quick Coherence Technique

Watch this short video as a guide to practicing restorative heart-centered breathing. This can help to improve your self-regulation, center yourself in the present moment, and get focused on what's ahead of you. It can be especially effective when used before an event, such as a class, team practice, or presentation, or any time that you want to adjust your energy levels, either by calming down or becoming energized, depending on your personal needs.