Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences


The Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders prepares a student to enter the work industry at a variety of levels including community and educational positions, including occupations that assist professions in speech-language pathology, audiology, education and other communication technology industries.  Students will be prepared for transition into a graduate program in speech-language pathology. They will also encounter a strong foundation of science courses culminating with an internship experience in the health, rehabilitation or educational field(s).  Graduate degrees at the masters or doctoral level are necessary to work as speech-language pathologists or audiologists. These individuals work as professionals to assist people who have communication disorders; teachers, clinical supervisors and/or researchers in universities; administrators and leaders in healthcare or educational settings.​

Admissions & Curriculum

PDFs containing Admissions and Curriculum information for the Traditional and Transfer BS CSD Programs are listed below.​ Please click on the PDF to download more information.

Students may seek departmental honors in their junior year. Students must complete CSD 440, have a cumulative GPA equal to 3.4, a GPA in the major of 3.75, and permission of faculty. Students seeking departmental honors must present a project prospectus to faculty in their junior year. After consulting with the primary research advisor (must be a full-time faculty member), the prospectus must be presented to the college dean, the division chair and a supervisory committee composed of 2 other faculty members. This group will establish guidelines, supervise and evaluate the finished work prior to its presentation in a public manner. The project must be completed no later than midterm of the student's final semester. For further details, please see the undergraduate student handbook.

Please use the Bachelor of Science Communication Sciences and Disorders (BS CSD) checklist for a detailed outline of the BS CSD curriculum.


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