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SLP Salary Information

  • The median annual salary is $75,000.
  • The median annual salary for SLPs who are full-time private practice owners or co-owners was $77,240.
  • The median annual salaries are $78,000 for clinical service providers and $93,534 for administrators or supervisors.
  • The median salary for SLPs in schools (9-10 month contract) is $62,715.
  • The lowest and highest median annual salaries by various predictor variables are by facility type
    • $73,000 in outpatient clinics and offices;
    • $95,000 in SNFs and general medical, VA, and LTAC hospitals; by population density
    • $73,833 in suburban areas,
    • $75,000 in city/urban areas,
    • $78,266 in rural areas;

Salaries vary depending on the number of years of experience and the region of employment. Typically salaries are highest in the Western portion of the U.S., with salaries lowest in the Midwest. All salary information can be found on the ASHA website.

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