Appeal a Parking Ticket

If you receive a parking ticket, please follow the instructions on the citation for proper handling. Students and employees who feel a citation was issued in error may appeal the citation. All appeals must be submitted within 15 days of the citation's issuance. The appeals process is handled by a rotating shift of student, staff, and faculty volunteers who take their personal time to review appeals.

  • Only those with valid JU parking permits may go through the appeals process
  • Appeals must be submitted on the appropriate form available in the Campus Security Office or online with the Parking Appeals Form
  • The citation must be with the appeal they will not be considered if you do not have the citation
  • The Appeals Committee will review the appeal and a written copy of the decision will be sent to the address listed on the appeal
  • If the appeal is dismissed, the citation charge will be removed from the account. If the appeal is upheld, the original fine must be paid.

For more information review the Parking Rules and Regulations (PDF).

Owners of bicycles are encouraged to register their bicycles with Campus Security. Bicycles should not be chained to railings, handicap access ramps, trees or entrances to buildings. The Department of Campus Security will impound bicycles left in these locations. The owner of the bicycle may be subject to fines for improper parking. Bicycles are not permitted in University buildings.

Promulgation of parking rules, regulations, and their enforcement are authorized under University Policy 300/1.6-1.8​​