Crime Reporting

Crime Reporting

Members of the campus community are encouraged to make timely reports of crime and suspicious persons and activities to Campus Security at 7585 (by cell phone or off campus, 256-7585). By making an immediate report officers can respond and begin an investigation. Victims and witnesses may be required to complete a Statement of Facts. Reporting crimes allows Campus Security to share that information with the campus community. In all cases of criminal activity, victims and witnesses are encouraged to make a report with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office by calling 9-1-1 or their non-emergency number, 904-630-0500.

In the event of an immediate threat or emergency, call 9-1-1 for emergency medical or law enforcement response.

Daily Crime Log

The daily crime log is provided here to provide criminal activity information to interested parties. These crimes include both on campus crimes and crimes which occur on the public property immediately adjacent to the University.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) On-Line Crime Reporting

The Citizen's Online Crime Reporting System allows you to quickly and efficiently submit an official police report for certain crimes or occurrences. When you complete this report (and after it is reviewed and approved by a police officer), you will be able to print a free copy of the report. The crime you are reporting online can not involve a known suspect.

As a service to the public, JSO provides crime statistics information with a mapping program. The information provided shows the number of police reports written for specific crimes within a half-mile of an address or location selected. You can either specify an address or click on the citywide map on the the area your are interested in. The type of crime and number of offenses will be presented in a table format. The map will identify the area with a circle drawn a half mile in diameter around the specified location. To explore these information services visit the JSO crime statistics and mapping page.