Emergency Notifications

JU Alert symbolEmergency guidelines for students, employees, and visitors for emergencies on campus.

Emergency Response Guidelines

JU Alert Emergency Notification

JU Alert is the program to notify University employees, students, and visitors of an on-going emergency affecting the University. An emergency is a condition at the University that has an immediate effect on the safety or security of students, employees, or visitors to the campus. An emergency will have a direct impact on the normal operations of the University. This emergency may be on University property or may be occurring off campus. Reports of an interruption to the campus operations should be immediately forwarded to one of the following persons for evaluation and confirmation by security personnel and a decision to activate an alert:

  • Chief Communications and Marketing Officer
  • Chief Student Affairs Officer / Dean of Students
  • Assistant Dean of Students / Director of Residential Life
  • Executive Director of Campus Services
  • Director of Campus Security

Reasons for JU Alert activation may include the following conditions:

  • Ongoing act or threat of violence with a weapon or explosive device
  • Extreme Weather Emergencies (Tornado Warning)
  • Chemical/Hazardous Material Spill or Incident
  • Building Fire(s)

Once the emergency message has been formed by one or more of the listed members it will be delivered without delay by one or more methods. Methods for communicating emergency and safety information to students and employees may include one or a combination of the following methods:

  • Local Audible Siren
  • JU News e-mails and all student e-mails
  • JU Website
  • Use of Blackboard Connect (JU Alert) emails, text, and phone messages
  • JU Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)

Testing Emergency Notification Systems

Planned testing of the audible siren will occur on a routine basis and will be preceded with informational messages about the testing date and approximate time. Campus Security dispatchers and administrative personnel will also have notice of the test in order to prepare for phone inquiries. Unannounced tests may also be planned to test the effectiveness of the systems and University response.

Any member of the Disaster Preparedness Team can initiate the emergency notification system. Immediate threats may be reported to the Campus Security Department or a member of the Residential Life professional staff. An evaluation will be made by the receiving employee of the nature of the threat and exigency of the threat to determine whether the activation of an alert message is required.

Please keep your personal contact information up to date on Web Advisor. Need help finding where to do that? A tutorial is available on the Emergency Management & Communications site.