Sexual Assault Prevention & Info

Federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act

The Federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act requires colleges and universities to issue a statement advising the campus community where state law enforcement agency information concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained. The act also requires registered sex offenders/predators to provide to appropriate state officials notice of each institution of higher education in that state at which the offender/predator is employed, carries on a vocation, or is a student.

Any member of the Jacksonville University community who wishes to obtain further information regarding sexual offender/predators in our area may refer to the FDLE website at: FDLE's Searchable Database or by calling 1-888-FL-PREDATOR / 1-888-357-7332)

If you are the victim of a sexual assault your first priority is to get to a safe place and obtain necessary medical attention. Victims are encouraged to make a timely report to law enforcement officials and university officials. The timely reporting of the incident is important for necessary evidence collection and preservation. Filing a police report does not obligate a victim to cooperate with prosecution. When a person makes the report to the Campus Security Department, the local law enforcement agency will be contacted. An additional option for pursuing charges is through the University's disciplinary process which is detailed in the Green Pages.

The University's Student Counseling Center offers short term counseling and referrals for victims of sexual assault. They are a valuable resource for persons who report or do not report sexual assaults to University or law enforcement authorities.