JU Alert Text Messages

How will I be contacted in case of an emergency?

We have the capability to send messages to students, faculty, and staff concerning campus emergencies. We need to be able to reach you next time we close campus for a storm or have a campus emergency. Additionally, we'd like to update our contact information to ensure you and your loved ones are notified in the event of an emergency.

How can I update my information?

  1. Go to My JU (my.ju.edu).
  2. Log in with your JU credentials.Screenshot of the My JU Login screen. Click to zoom in.
    • Students: Under "Academic Profile" in the "Web Advisor Menu," click "Address & Phone Change."
    • Faculty & Staff: Under "Employee Profile" in the "Web Advisor Menu,"​ click "Address & Phone Change."​
  3. Under "Choose an Address Type," select Home/Permanent.
  4. Enter a cell phone number we can use to send you t​ext alerts in the event of an emergency.Screenshot of the Address Change screen. Click to zoom in.
  5. Optional, but recommended: Please also include an Emergency Contact Phone and/or an Emergency Contact Cell so that we can contact your family/friends in the event of an emergency.​
  6. Click Submit.​


Call Office of People & Culture at (904) 256-7025 or email hr@ju.edu. Your information is confidential and will only be used for emergencies.